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Kenya 2022

February 5-15, 2022
$5,750.00 – $6,400.00

Join us for what promises to be an extraordinary tour offering an incredible diversity of wildlife, superb scenery, wonderful lodges, and super-friendly tribal people!
Kenya 20222021-06-18T13:50:33-04:00

June 2021 Photo Quiz

This month’s quiz bird is obviously some sort of pigeon/dove thing. Certainly, those reddish-pink legs are typical of the group. While that leg color is typical of ABA-Area doves and pigeons, it does rule out...

June 2021 Photo Quiz2021-06-16T17:22:40-04:00

May 2021 Photo Quiz

While some of the poor aspect to this photo is the photographer’s inability to get the subject in sharp focus, much of it is due to the disheveled appearance of the bird. While we all like looking at crisp photos of birds in good nick (as Brits say), particularly of pleasingly attractive birds, not all birds can meet these criteria at all times.

May 2021 Photo Quiz2021-05-20T18:09:47-04:00

April 2021 Photo Quiz

This month’s photo quiz depicts one of the individual birds that was my first of this year of the relevant species. However, that bird is NOT the quiz bird.

April 2021 Photo Quiz2021-04-23T16:51:22-04:00

West Virginia: Warbler Extravaganza — Adult Bird Camp

June 2–6 and June 6–8, 2022
$1,295.00 – $2,345.00

For the ABA’s first-ever Adult Birding Camp, we have chosen to visit longtime friends of ours in the New River Gorge region of West Virginia. The cabins are homey. The food is home cooked. The feeling is fun.

West Virginia: Warbler Extravaganza — Adult Bird Camp2021-06-18T14:49:12-04:00
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