Julie Davis
Julie DavisInterim President
Julie Davis is past president of the Ohio Ornithological Society, a statewide birding organization with over 600 members. She has been birding for over 20 years. She has birded in many parts of the US as well as Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, South Africa, the Galapagos and Trinidad & Tobago. She has led birding trips for Columbus Audubon, OOS, Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Wild Birds Unlimited Westerville, along with Touch the Earth Adventures. She has a degree in graphic design from Purdue University. She is an active hiker, kayaker, and fiber artist.

Julie is the chair of the board of directors of the American Birding Association and is currently acting as interim president. Previously, she served as president of the Ohio Ornithological Society. She lives in Pawleys Island SC with her husband and two cats. Julie has been birding for over 20 years and has birded in many parts of the US as well as Central America, Panama, South Africa, the Galapagos and Trinidad & Tobago. She is an active hiker, kayaker, and fiber artist.

Katinka Domen
Katinka DomenTravel & Events
Katinka has always had a curiosity for the natural world and for languages and people – interests she cultivated in her extensive travels, and in her professional life too. Back in her home country Belgium, she worked as an interpreter, but a more hands-on career allowing more time in the outdoors made her relocate to the Americas. She lived in Honduras for several years, running birding tours in Central and South America. As the ABA’s Travel and Events Coordinator, she intends to spread the joy of birding to a broad community of people, of all backgrounds and ages, all over the world; make bird watching accessible to all; and ensure that our shared passion for birding and travel has a positive impact on birds, nature, and people. She is looking forward to traveling and birding with you soon!
Jennie Duberstein
Jennie DubersteinYoung Birder Programs
Jennie Duberstein volunteers her time as the ABA’s Young Birder Liaison and Camp Colorado Director helping connect young birders with opportunities to engage in the birding and conservation world and with each other. Her favorite place in the world is Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and all the birds and habitats that go along with it. Jennie lives in Tucson, Arizona, where her “day job” is coordinating the Sonoran Joint Venture, a binational bird conservation partnership to conserve the unique birds and habitats of the southwest U.S. and northwest Mexico.
Ted Floyd
Ted FloydBirding magazine, Publications
Ted Floyd proudly serves as Editor of Birding magazine. He also contributes to The ABA Blog, the American Birding podcast, and the ABA’s young birder programs. Ted is the author of five bird books and more than 200 articles on birds and other aspects of nature, and he is a frequent speaker at bird festivals and ornithological society meetings. The Cal Ripken of eBird, he has submitted at least one complete eBird checklist per day for 4,809 consecutive days. Ted and his family live in Boulder County, Colorado.
Laura Guerard
Laura GuerardYoung Birder Programs Coordinator
Laura facilitates and develops ABA’s celebrated programs that nurture young birders. Laura has a deep-rooted passion for environmental education that has grown from her own childhood exploring the Chesapeake Bay. She is driven to help young people develop a strong sense of place with the natural world and inspire environmental stewardship. Laura has worked with young birders for the majority of her career—she founded the Coastal Maine Bird Studies teen camp at the Audubon’s Hog Island Camp in Maine, coordinated the highly successful Ohio Young Birders Club, and served as a mentor for the Young Birders Network. Laura lives with her nature-loving family in Cape May, NJ.
David Hartley
David HartleyMembership, Web Site
David has been a member of the ABA staff since 2003. He plays an integral part in many facets of the organization, including membership services, database management, and web development. David has been birding for over 25 years, and loves working with the ABA to build the birding community and its conservation impact. He lives in Davis, CA with his daughter Mia.
Frank Izaguirre
Frank IzaguirreEditor, Birding magazine
Frank Izaguirre is an Editor at Birding magazine and a PhD candidate in English at West Virginia University, where he is dissertating on how field guides have shaped environmental values in America. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife, Adrienne.
John Lowry
John LowryMarketing & Advertising
ABA sales and marketing manager John Lowry works with business, government, and non-profit partners to promote products and services to the birding community. John’s creativity, integrity, and extensive birding market knowledge ensure ABA customers maximize their investment while supporting the ABA mission.
Whether feeder-watching at home, traveling to tanager-laden neotropical destinations, or scanning the budding oaks at a spring migration hotspot, John seeks the clarity, focus, meditative peace, and mental challenge of birding. John lives in Southeast Michigan where his office and audio production studio operate. Spotted Towhee was his best yard bird.
Greg Neise
Greg NeiseWebczar
Greg Neise developed his interests in birds, photography and conservation as a youngster growing up in Chicago, across the street from Lincoln Park Zoo. At the age of 13, he worked alongside Dr. William S. Beecher, then Director of the Chicago Academy of Sciences and a pioneering ornithologist, and learned to photograph wildlife, an interest that developed into a career supplying images for magazines, newspapers, institutions and books, including National Geographic (print, web and television), Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Boston Globe, Nature, Lincoln Park Zoo, Miami Zoo, Jacksonville Zoo, The Field Museum and a host of others. He has served as President of the Rainforest Conservation Fund, a volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the world’s tropical rainforests. Greg is Web Master for the ABA, helps manage social media, sits in on the ABA Podcast on occasion, and of course, is a fanatical birder.
Michael Retter
Michael RetterNorth American Birds and Birding magazines, Publications
Michael L. P. Retter is Editor of North American Birds magazine, Special Issues Editor of Birding magazine, and past editor of Birder’s Guide magazine. He is also author of the ABA Field Guide to Birds of Illinois and the upcoming Princeton University Press Photographic Guide to Birds of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. Michael runs QBNA, the continent’s email list and informal club for LGBTQ+ birders. He currently lives and gardens in Fort Worth, Texas.
Ed Rother
Ed RotherGraphic Design
Ed Rother has been handling the design and production of the ABA’s publications since 2003. He also lends a hand where ever he can with other ABA creative needs. Ed currently works from his basement in Atlanta, where he occasionally sees the light of day to be with his wife, college son, and misc. dogs, cats, gerbils, conures, canaries and fishes.
Steve Sebastian
Steve SebastianDevelopment
He brings a unique combination of international business management, financial services, and nonprofit fundraising experience.
During his career, he has traveled throughout Asia and Europe and lived 4 years in Auckland, New Zealand. His hobbies of birding, flyfishing, and scuba diving have given him a deep appreciation of the need to protect wildlife and the ecosystems that they depend on.
Steve is a graduate of the University of Virginia with an MBA from the University of Michigan.
He currently resides in Moorestown, New Jersey and enjoys the many nearby birding opportunities that exist in the region.
Ioana Seritan
Ioana SeritanBirding magazine, Publications, Young Birder Mentoring Program
As Associate Editor of Birding magazine and a Technical Reviewer for Birder’s Guide, Ioana Seritan compiles the Milestones column, writes the Birding Online digest, and makes sure that things sound good. Ioana grew up in the Central Valley of California, where she fell in love with raptors, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has fallen in love with seabirds, sharks, and other marine life. She also works at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco teaching aquarium guests about animals that fly through the sea instead of the air.
Kelly Smith
Kelly SmithFinance, Headquarters
Kelly works in Delaware as the Headquarters Operations and Finance Manager. A transplant birder from Texas, Kelly has assisted raptor and songbird banding projects in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. For the past decade Kelly has volunteered or served on the board of many nature organizations including the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival and Balcones Songbird Festival, the South Texas Border Chapter Texas Master Naturalists, the Friends of the Wildlife Corridor, Texas Pelagics, and the Texas Ornithological Society. An all-around nature lover, Kelly spends her time hiking, kayaking, scuba-diving, biking, and looking for herps.
Nathan Swick
Nathan SwickDigital Communications, Social Media
Nate Swick is the Digital Communications manager for the ABA and the host of the American Birding Podcast. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his wife, Danielle, and two young children. He is the author of A Beginner’s Guide to Birding and The ABA Field Guide to Birds of the Carolinas.
Noah Strycker
Noah StryckerBirding magazine, Publications
Noah Strycker is Associate Editor of Birding magazine, conducts the Birding interviews, and serves as Copy Editor for Birder’s Guide. He has authored five books about birds (Birding Without Borders, National Geographic Guide to the Backyard Birds of North America, Birds of the Photo Ark, The Thing with Feathers, and Among Penguins), works as a naturalist guide on expedition cruises to Antarctica and Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, and set a world Big Year record in 2015.