North American Birds: Vol. 74, No. 1

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In this issue:

From the Editor
Michael L. P. Retter

About the Authors

Red-legged Honeycreepers in the Unites States
Plus a Comprehensive Overview of Their Status and Distribution Within North America
Amy Davis
Michael L. P. Retter

First State and Provincial Records from 2022
Compiled by Nate Swick

“European” Sandwich Tern in North America
Notes on Occurrence and Identification
David Sibley

What’s So Kingly About Kingfishers?
Rick Wright

Reconsidering Variation in Winter Adult Thayer’s Gulls
Amar Ayyash
Liam Singh

Pictorial Highlights
March–July 2022
Compiled by Amy Davis

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
Reverse Migration, Overshoots, and the Concentrating Effect of Oceanic Islands on Migrating Birds
David B. Wingate
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