Mexican Duck Photo Essay

The Mexican Duck, Anas platyrhynchos diazi, was recognized as a full species (then A. diazi) until the American Ornithological Society (AOS; then AOU) merged it with the Mallard (AOU 1983), largely based on data from Hubbard (1977). However, recent genetic studies strongly suggest that the Mexican Duck should be returned to full species status. These photos are intended to provide a realistic overview of the challenge of identifying Mexican Ducks in the ABA Area.

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Status & Distribution: the Most Under-used ID Feature

This feature is not something that is only just coming to light, nor is it related to the introduction of digital cameras, nor is it due to the internet—although the internet has enabled a more thorough understanding of it. This incredible identification feature is temporal likelihood, aka time of year.

Status & Distribution: the Most Under-used ID Feature2021-07-20T16:20:24-04:00

Soft Spot

“Soft parts” is the term given to the parts of a bird not covered by feathers, although some of these parts are not particularly “soft.”

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Identifying Juvenile Warblers

The Fun Really Begins Here

Identifying Juvenile Warblers2019-10-04T13:32:05-04:00

Secondary Aging Criteria

It pays to pay attention to the often-overlooked secondary flight feathers of large soaring birds.

Secondary Aging Criteria2019-10-03T21:20:02-04:00
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