Birding Oaxaca is a wonderful experience. Not only are there lots of birds in general, there are numerous regional specialties and endemics, many of which are real stunners like Slaty Vireo, Orange-breasted Bunting, and Red-breasted Chat. Add to that the striking scenery of the mountains and the Pacific coast, the outstanding cuisine, the rich and varied culture that includes some amazing archeological sites and world-renowned textiles and wood carvings, and you have a truly memorable destination! We invite you to join the American Birding Association as we visit this remarkable, enchanting place.

Our trip will cover two major areas–the Valley of Oaxaca and the Pacific Coast–and their surrounding mountains. Being based in just two comfortable hotels will allow us to see much of what makes this region special without an endless succession of lodging changes. For this trip, the ABA is partnering with our friend Eric Antonio Martínez of Mexico Birding Tours, which is based in Oaxaca. For our field trips we will break into small groups, each led by a mix of local and ABA guides. Evenings will see us reuniting at our hotels for dinner and socializing. Join us for what promises to be a spectacular visit to southwestern Mexico!

ABA is partnering with Oaxaca-based guides, led by Eric Antonio Martínez of Mexico Birding Tours. ABA President Jeffrey Gordon will co-lead with Eric and other guides as group size warrants.


When: June 24–July 3, 2021
Where: Oaxaca City, Mexico
How Much: $3,965.00
Single Supplement: $750.00
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