Illinois & Indiana: Summer 2021

Summer 2021: 1 Jun–31 Jul

James D. Hengeveld

Keith A. McMullen

Geoffrey A. Williamson

Recommended citation:

Hengeveld, J.D., K.A. McMullen, and G.A. Williamson. 2021. Summer 2021: Illinois & Indiana. <> North American Birds.

Average temperatures in June were slightly higher than average, and those in July were slightly lower than average, with temperatures in Indiana ~1 C below those of Illinois. Though the season was average regarding temperature, rainfall levels were ~8 cm above the norm for the season, placing this year’s summer season in the top 10% of years in ranking of precipitation. The spring passage of shorebirds extended well into June, with stragglers all the way to the end of the month. Rarity highlights included Black Rail, Limpkin, Royal Tern, Wood Stork, Roseate Spoonbill, White-tailed Kite, Swallow-tailed Kite, breeding Merlins, a nesting Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Bewick’s Wren, and Painted Bunting.

Sub-regional Compilers: Kenneth J. Brock (Indiana), Geoffrey A. Williamson (Illinois).

Abbreviations: Emiquon (Emiquon NWR and The Nature Conservancy’s Emiquon Preserve, Fulton Co, IL); FP (Forest Preserve); FWA (Fish and Wildlife Area); Goose Pond (Goose Pond FWA, Greene Co, IN); Montrose (Montrose Point in Chicago’s Lincoln Park); Wakarusa (Wakarusa Wastewater Treatment Facility, Elkhart Co, IN).

Waterfowl through Cranes

Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were widespread in the region, though perhaps slightly less so than in previous summers.  Double-digit observations came from Jackson and Union Cos in southern IL. Northern tier sightings consisted of two on a farm pond in LaGrange Co, IN 4 Jun (Perry Troyer), two (perhaps the same birds?) on Millrace Canal in Goshen, Elkhart Co, IN 8–19 Jun (Gail Shetler, m. ob.), three on a Marshall Co, IN farm 3 Jul (Melvin Helmuth), one at Willow Slough FWA, Newton Co, IN 5–9 Jul (Ed Hopkins, Alex Haza), and two in Annawan, Henry Co, IL 25 Jul (William and Gayla Hickerson). A rather large group of Snow Geese were seen throughout summer at Emiquon, with 24 noted there 16 Jun (Colin Dobson, Nathan Goldberg, et al.). Two Greater White-fronted Geese were noted northwest of Paris, Edgar Co, IL 6 and 29 Jun and 9–10 Jul (Steven Lima). Trumpeter Swans continue to nest in the northern tier with family groups seen in LaGrange Co, IN (Sam Plew); at the 129th St. Marsh, Lake Co, IN (Ryan Tomazin); at Rollins Savanna FP, Lake Co, IL (Gary Glowacki); at Exner Marsh Nature Preserve, McHenry Co, IL (Urs Geiser); and at McGinnis Slough FP, Cook Co, IL (Michael McNamee, Linda B. Radtke).

A drake Cinnamon Teal that was seen several times in the spring at Stickney Run Conservation Area, McHenry Co, IL was seen again 11 Jun (Jerry Hampton, ph. Doug Johnson). Breeding by Green-winged Teal was confirmed at Springbrook Prairie FP, DuPage Co, IL (ph. Dori Eldridge, Joe Suchecki).

Single Canvasbacks at Emiquon 7 Jun (Colin Dobson) and in Carmel, Hamilton Co, IN through Jun (Brad Jackson et al.) were unusual.  Southern tier sightings of Lesser Scaup included one in Alton, Madison Co, IL 1 Jun (Frank R. Holmes) and one in Horseshoe L. SP, Madison Co, IL 21 Jun (Colin Dobson, Tony Ward). Surprising was a single Greater Scaup that was found at Seidner Dune and Swale, Lake Co, IN on 3 Jun (ph. Matthew & Victoria Igleski) and again 17 Jun (ph. Michael Topp), furnishing only the third June record for IN’s L. Michigan lakefront. Lingering Common Goldeneye included singletons at Moraine Hills SP, McHenry Co, IL 1–5 Jun (Randy Schietzelt, m. ob.) and at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Lake Co, IL 18 Jun (Donald R. Dann). A Common Merganser remained throughout the summer along the North Shore Channel in Wilmette, Cook Co, IL (Kat O’Reilly, Vlad Nevirkovets). 

An Eared Grebe 3–13 Jun at Emiquon (ph. Colin Dobson, m. ob.) was an unusual summer find. This season sported two White-winged Doves in IL. One was at a private residence in Elmhurst, DuPage Co 11 Jun (ph. Scott Latimer, m. ob.); the other was at North Pond in Chicago’s Lincoln Park 30 Jun (Steven J. Huggins). An all-day bird survey in Parke Co, IN on 31 Jul yielded a state-record total of 1011 Mourning Doves.

An adult male Rufous Hummingbird seen at a home in Saline Co, IL 6 Jul (ph. Cathy DeNeal, ph. Travis DeNeal) provided one of the earliest observation dates in IL for the species.

King Rails were noted in only six IL counties and only a single IN county. A calling Black Rail was heard 14 Jul in suitable habitat on private property east of Clay City in Owen Co, IN (fide IN DNR). An amazing find was IL’s second Limpkin, gracing Chain O’ Lakes SP, Lake Co 10–14 Jul (ph. Al Nichols, m. ob.). Breeding by Sandhill Cranes was reported from seven counties across the northern tier of IL as well as across the northern tier of IN. Intriguing were over-summering pairs in the central and southern tiers of IN: southeast of Martinsville, Morgan Co (Joni James); at Goose Pond (where they have nested previously); and at the east end of L. Lemon, Brown Co (Jim and Susan Hengeveld).


Northern tier sightings of Black-necked Stilts included two at Baker’s L. FP, Cook Co, IL 7 Jun (Alan F. Stokie); two at Rollins Savanna FP, Lake Co, IL 7 Jun (ph. Maureen Marsh); four at Upper Mississippi NWR, Carroll Co, IL 16 Jun (Nichols Timmer) with two seen there 5 Jul (Tony Moline, m. ob.); two at Nelson Lake Marsh Nature Preserve, Kane Co, IL 23 Jun (Vince Moxon, m. ob.); and two at Kankakee Sands Nature Preserve, Newton Co, IN on 4 Jul (Lisa Maier, Matthew Igleski). Black-necked Stilts were present in five central and three southern IL counties. Three late, northbound American Avocets were at Montrose 1 Jun (ph. Robert D. Hughes, m. ob.). There was an excellent southbound passage of American Avocets, with eight recorded in IL and 28 in IN, the peak count 13 at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte Co on 25 Jul (ph. Heath Harlan et al.). 

Lingering American Golden-Plovers included a bird staying through most of June at Emiquon, last seen 22 Jun (Scott Latimer, Isoo O’Brien); one at Henderson Creek State FWA, Henderson Co, IL 11–13 Jun (Colin Dobson, Jim Mountjoy, Keith A. McMullen); and one at Middle Fork River FP, Champaign Co, IL 15 and 22 Jun (ph. Emma Smith, ph. Josh Seibel). The first returning American Golden-Plover arrived 7 Jul in Edgar Co, IL (Steven Lima). Late spring migrant Semipalmated Plovers included two at Nygren Wetlands, Winnebago Co, IL 17 Jun (Colin Dobson); one at Burnidge FP, Kane Co, IL 17 Jun (Hen Jan Oosterhuis); and one in Kankakee Co, IL 16 Jun (Jed B. Hertz). A Semipalmated Plover at Montrose 18 Jun–1 Jul (Mark Kolasa, m. ob.) was possibly an early returning bird or one that never completed its northbound migration. With respect to Piping Plovers, IN L. Michigan lakefront birders enjoyed the best summer since 1920, with 17 birds reported. The total included a high of four birds (all banded) at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte Co on 17 Jul (ph. Lauren Wadas, m. ob.), and a 10-year-old bird (Stephanie Schubel of the Great Lakes Piping Plover Conservation Team fide Brad Bumgardner) at Kemil Road Beach, Porter Co 8 Jul (ph. Doug Faulkner). The only Piping Plovers observed in IL were the Montrose pair, Monty and Rose, and the four chicks they produced (m. ob.). Two of the chicks survived.

At least 12 Upland Sandpipers were recorded in IN, with breeding likely occurring in both Miami and Tippecanoe Cos. Whimbrel numbers were better than average in IN with eight reported, the four at Michigan City Harbor 15 Jul (ph. John C. Kendall) providing the high count. A Dunlin at Montrose 12 Jun (Alan F. Stokie) was late to depart and one at Montrose 7 Jul (Tamima Itani) was unusual for being present mid-summer. A Least Sandpiper at Montrose 24 Jun (Geoffrey A. Williamson) appeared to be an early returning fall migrant. A White-rumped Sandpiper at Montrose 30 Jun (ph. Stephanie Beilke, m. ob.) was exceptionally late passing. A nice count of six Buff-breasted Sandpipers was made at the Wheeler Sod Farms, Kendall Co, IL 31 Jul (Glenn Giacinto, Steven J. Huggins, Ryan Jones). Three Pectoral Sandpipers at Emiquon 22 Jun (Isoo O’Brien, Simon Tolzmann) were quite late on their northbound journey. Also late was a Semipalmated Sandpiper at Winthrop Harbor, Lake Co, IL 26 Jun (ph. Rob Birnberg, ph. Andrew O. Stewart).

An early fall migrant Long-billed Dowitcher was noted in Morgan Co, IL 17–18 Jul (Colin Dobson). Late spring migrant Wilson’s Phalaropes included two at Emiquon 16 Jun (Colin Dobson, Nathan Goldberg, et al.), with one remaining to 19 Jun (Stephanie Peters, Randy Schietzelt); one at Wakarusa 17 Jun (Leland Shaum), and three at Wakarusa 24 Jun (Kyle Miller). Two spring migrant Red-necked Phalaropes at Emiquon 3 Jun (Colin Dobson) were a nice find. A Solitary Sandpiper at Afton FP, DeKalb Co, IL 5 Jun (ph. Karen M. Lund, Ken Reinert) and one at Two Rivers NWR, Jerson Co, IL 5 Jun (Will Bennett) were late spring migrants. A Greater Yellowlegs at Cane Ridge WMA, Gibson Co, IN 20–21 Jun (Dan Collins, Gary Bowman), one at Emiquon 22 Jun (Isoo O’Brien, Simon Tolzmann), and one at Steuer Wildlife Habitat, Hendricks Co, IN 24 Jun (Brandi Steuer) were late spring migrants or early returners. Single Greater Yellowlegs on 30 Jun in Chicago (Dan Lory), at Wakarusa (Leland Shaum), and at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte, IN (Ed Hopkins) were likely southbound migrants. The last Willet to depart was a singleton at Montrose 6 Jun (Russell Roe). One Lesser Yellowlegs at L. Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL 22 Jun (H. David Bohlen), seven at Emiquon 22 Jun (Isoo O’Brien, Simon Tolzmann), and six in Bolingbrook, Will Co, IL 26 Jun (Jon Grainger) were late spring migrants or early fall returners.

Gulls through Spoonbills

Six of the seven Laughing Gulls reported were in IL. The less common large gulls were few. An immature California Gull at L. Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL 16–20 Jun (H. David Bohlen, ph. Frank R. Holmes, ph. Keith A. McMullen) was an excellent find. Montrose hosted two Lesser Black-backed Gulls; a first-cycle individual present 1–2 Jun (ph. Kevin Lin, ph. Robert D. Hughes, m. ob.) and a third-cycle bird noted 1 Jul (ph. Audrey Carl). Single, immature Lesser Black-backed Gulls were present at Miller Beach, Lake Co, IN 30 Jul (ph. Michael Topp) and in Peoria, Peoria Co, IL 30 Jul+ (ph. Pete Fenner).

Least Tern reports came from 12 southern tier counties in the region, plus an exciting central IL find at Henderson Creek State FWA, Henderson Co 11 Jun (ph. Colin Dobson). Very good news came from Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Lake Co, IL, where the only Common Tern nesting colony in IL exists. Ten pairs of Common Terns laid 29 eggs, and 25 young terns successfully fledged (fide Brad Semel). On 31 Jul, Matt Kalwasinski tallied 207 Caspian Terns at Wolf L. and Forsythe Park in Lake Co, providing the highest ever summer count in IN. The first IN record of Royal Tern in 22 years was furnished by a bird that first appeared at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte Co, 10 Jul. It was first identified by Brendan Grube on 11 Jul (m. ob.) and remained through 14 Jul (ph. Lisa and Randy Vanderbilt). Perhaps this same Royal Tern then ventured on 18 Jul to Waukegan, Lake Co, IL (ph. Annette McClellan, ph. William McClellan), where one that furnished IL’s last accepted record occurred six years earlier.

IL’s ninth Wood Stork of the 21st century was discovered at Mermet L., Massac Co, IL 19 Jul+ (Bill Gilmour, m. ob.) and remained there for weeks.  Many Neotropic Cormorants, a species whose occurrence in the region is increasing, were present this summer. The hotbed of activity was Horseshoe L. SP, Madison Co, IL, where multiple individuals were seen throughout the period (ph. Frank R. Holmes, m. ob.). Numbers peaked at 10 during 9–14 Jun (Frank R. Holmes). At Carlyle L., Clinton Co, IL, single birds were noted on several dates between 14 Jun and 11 Jul (Dan M. Kassebaum, m. ob.), while the maximum seen was four on 28 Jul (Mark S. Seiffert). Another Neotropic Cormorant was discovered at Henderson Creek State FWA, Henderson Co, IL 11 Jun (Colin Dobson), and a singleton was at Chautauqua NWR, Mason Co, IL 25–28 Jun (ph. Colin Dobson, m. ob.).

Least Bitterns were in good numbers with a high count of five at Horseshoe L. SP, Madison Co, IL 7 Jul (David Rogles). An IN DNR survey of rookeries in East Chicago, Lake Co on 11 Jun yielded an impressive 252 adult Great Egrets and 122 nests that contained eggs or nestlings (Amy Kearns). Only a few reports of Snowy Egret reached double digits: 16 were in Union Co, IL 8 Jul (Dan M. Kassebaum); 11 were at Tower Island, Jackson Co, IL 11 Jun (Keith A. McMullen); and 10 were in the area of Chain of Rocks Bridge, Madison Co, IL 1 Jul (Frank R. Holmes). Little Blue Herons were more numerous but still in relatively short supply except for a total of 119+ found in Wayne Co, IL 28 Jul (C. Leroy Harrison). A bird identified as a hybrid Snowy Egret x Little Blue Heron was first photographed at Seidner Dune and Swale, Lake Co, IN on 17 Jun (Matt Kalwasinski); then at Burnham Prairie Nature Preserve, Cook Co, IL 20–22 Jun (ph. Dave Gruver, m. ob.); and finally settling at Chicago’s Jackson Park 21 Jul+ (ph. Tracy Weiner, m. ob.). The Black-crowned Night-Heron colony in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, the largest in the region, reached 550 birds 15 and 18 Jun (Matt Igleski), and the IN DNR survey of rookeries in East Chicago tallied 320 Black-crowned Night-Herons 11 Jun (Amy Kearns), topping the previous state-high count of 200, which was made 21 May 2013 (Amy Kearns). Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were scarce this year with only six individuals (three each in IL and IN) noted outside of the southern tier of counties. 

The only ibis seen in IN was a single Glossy Ibis at Goose Pond 6–7 Jun (John Adams, m. ob.). One White-faced Ibis was at Carlyle L., Clinton Co, IL 7 Jun (Dan M. Kassebaum), and another was noted along the Old Plank Trail, Will Co, IL 18–19 Jun (ph. Susan Zelek, m. ob.). At Emiquon, a group of 10 Plegadis ibis, where 8 White-faced Ibis had been seen in late May, were present 7 Jun (Colin Dobson et al.), with six in the area 11 Jun (Jim Mountjoy). Another group of nine Plegadis ibis was recorded at Brunner Family FP, Kane Co, IL 8 Jul (Marion Miller, Richard Miller). A rare find was a Roseate Spoonbill near Golconda, Pope Co, IL 31 Jul (ph. Craig A. Taylor). This bird represents IL’s fifth record in the last 10 years.

Vultures through Falcons

An out of range Black Vulture was observed in Skokie, Cook Co, IL 29 Jun (ph. John Bates). An amazing find was IL’s third White-tailed Kite on Chouteau Island, Madison Co, IL 21 Jun (ph. Michael P. Ward, Mike Avara). A Swallow-tailed Kite was seen flying over Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN 28 Jul (Sandra Marie). It was a spectacular season and by far the best ever for Mississippi Kites in IN. Counts of 17 at Hovey L., Posey Co 8 Jul (Jared Emmack) and 14 in Pike Co 28 Jun (Jeremy Ross) each bested the previous IN high count of 13 that was tallied 13 Jul 2014 by Lee Sterrenburg. No Mississippi Kites were observed in IL’s northern tier, into which the species had been encroaching recently, but sightings came from five central IL counties. Swainson’s Hawk sightings were confined to the Burlington, Kane Co, IL area where the species has its last regional nesting site.

A late migrating Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was noted at Jon J. Duerr FP, Kane Co, IL 4 Jun (ph. Diane Hansen). At least two breeding records of Merlins were confirmed in IN, complementing the relatively recent spate of southerly nesting records of the species. On 14 Jun, Kathleen Coates reported a pair in Elkhart, Elkhart Co in the area where they nested in 2020, and on 17 Jun, Ed Hopkins observed two adults and two juveniles at the site. Another successful breeding event was discovered by Karen Smith in Bloomington, Monroe Co on 2 Jul (fide David Rupp), with many subsequent photographs showing two adults and two offspring (Scott Evans, Joe Bailey, m. ob.). Two birds observed in Anderson, Madison Co, IN on 24 Jul might also have represented a local breeding attempt. No nesting of Merlins was observed in IL despite a number of observations, primarily from the northeast corner of the state. Monk Parakeets remained confined to the greater Chicago area, with the largest count being of 21 in Bedford Park, Cook Co 2 Jul (Matt Crisler).


Western Kingbirds were plentiful this season with more than 30 birds reported, the vast majority in IL. Two singles were seen in IL’s northern tier, three breeding pairs were found in IL’s central tier, and approximately 20 birds were reported in IL’s southern tier, including multiple nests and high counts of six on Chouteau Island, Madison Co 22 Jun (Michael P. Ward, David B. Johnson) and in East St. Louis, St. Clair Co 18 Jul (Ian Souza-Cole). In IN, Western Kingbirds were limited to two southwestern sites: five were seen at the site of a successfully breeding pair in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co 15 Jul (Gary Bowman) and two were at Mt. Vernon, Posey Co, 18 Jul (Jared Emmack). On 6 Jul, Mike and Karen Wade photographed a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher adjacent to Atterbury FWA, providing a first record for Johnson Co, IN.  A nest was found 9 Jul (Don Gorney) and it appeared that the nest contained eggs (Amy Kearns, Vern Wilkins et al.), thus establishing a second nesting record of Scissor-tailed Flycatcher for IN.  Many observers watched and photographed the bird through 18 Jul, but it was not seen subsequently. Another Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was recorded in Illinois Beach SP, Lake Co, IL 13 Jun (vt. Benjamin Antieau, Naomi Twigg). A late record of Yellow-bellied Flycatcher for IN’s southern tier was furnished by a bird at the Laura Hare Preserve, Brown Co 20 Jun (Nick Wallace). An Alder Flycatcher at Crabtree Nature Center, Cook Co, IL 19 Jun (Robert D. Hughes) was late. Singing Least Flycatchers were heard at Paul Douglas FP, Cook Co, IL 16 Jun (Stan Stec) and again 4 Jul (Stephanie Beilke, Robyn Detterline, Joshua I. Engel, et al.); at Crabtree Nature Center, Cook Co, IL 19 Jun (Robert D. Hughes); north of Vincennes, Knox Co in IN’s southern tier 5 Jul (Gary Bowman); and at Oak Hill Cemetery, Boone Co, in IN’s central tier, 18 Jul (Cloyce Hedge). 

Late Blue-headed Vireos were observed at Montrose 2 Jun (Robert D. Hughes, Laurel Ross, ph. Geoffrey A. Williamson) and in Crystal Lake Park, Urbana, Champaign Co, IL 1 Jun (Debra Schrishuhn). Loggerhead Shrike reports came from only 14 IL and five IN counties, with successful breeding in four of the five IN counties (Amy Kearns).  The expansion of Fish Crow northward is reflected in reports from six central IL counties and in the first reliable record for northeastern IN, which was provided by a report of two birds at Oakwood Cemetery, Kosciusko Co on 3 Jul (David Moyer). Scarce in summer, Red-breasted Nuthatches were noted in five northern IL counties. Even scarcer are Brown Creepers, so that the occurrence of seven in northeastern IL was unusual. One appeared to be on territory at Skokie Lagoons, Cook Co, IL 2–20 Jun and again 20 Jul (v.r., ph. Jeff Bilsky). 

For the first time since 2008, a Winter Wren was recorded in Jun on the IN L. Michigan lakefront: two were seen 13 Jun at Indiana Dunes SP, Porter Co, with one of them singing (Brendan Grube) and the following day, one of the birds was heard singing consistently (Richard Niemi). An additional record of a singing bird 5 Jul at the same locale (Beth Schilling) could be indicative of a possible nesting attempt. An excellent find was two Bewick’s Wrens in southern Schuyler Co, IL 7–13 Jul (ph. Brandon Stehl, m. ob.). This species is rare in IL, though west-central IL is where the majority of recent sight records are from and where the species has historically bred in small numbers. 

A late Hermit Thrush was noted in Evanston, Cook Co, IL 2 Jun (Joshua I. Engel, Amanda Ziegler). Eurasian Tree Sparrows continue to expand north and east from the Illinois and Mississippi River valleys. The sightings farthest to the northeast occurred in Pecatonica, Winnebago Co, IL 14 Jun (Ann Whitney); in Kaneville, Kane Co, IL 14–25 Jul (Jay Sturner, m. ob.); and at Afton FP, DeKalb Co, IL 25 Jul (Michael Tweed). An American Pipit at Montrose 1 Jun (ph. David Assmann) was late to depart. European Goldfinch sightings were numerous but confined to Lake Co in northeastern IL. Most observations were at Illinois Beach SP, Waukegan, and Middlefork Savanna FP, but they were present at other locations as well. 

An IN-record 515 Chipping Sparrows were seen/heard during an all-day survey in Parke Co 31 Jul (Alan Bruner, Rusty McIntyre, Kyle Rush). At a site where they occurred in the summer of 2020, Clay-colored Sparrows were located 19 Jun (Isoo O’Brien), 27 Jun (Daniel T. Williams), and 3 Jul (Karen M. Lund) at Nachusa Grasslands, Lee and Ogle Cos, IL, well to the south and west of the northeastern IL locations where the species is more regularly found in summer. Quite unusual was a Fox Sparrow in Skokie, Cook Co, IL 11 Jul (ph. John Bates). Among 10 different White-crowned Sparrows lingering into June, all of which were in the immediate Chicago area, the latest was in Chicago 18 Jun (Gregg Klowden, Cathy Olson). Two White-throated Sparrows apparently summered in southern IL, visiting a backyard feeder south of Marion, Williamson Co through at least 21 Jul (Alfred Pryor, ph. Tina Pryor). On the all-day Parke Co, IN survey on 31 Jul (Alan Bruner, Rusty McIntyre, Kyle Rush), 530 Song Sparrows were tallied, besting the previous high in IN of 401. A Lincoln’s Sparrow at Montrose 4 Jun (Terry Walsh) was late to depart.

Part of a summer-record 1453 Baltimore Orioles reported in IN, a peak of 16 was logged at Hummel Park, Hendricks Co on 5 Jun (Brad Jackson).

Remarkably, two Northern Waterthrushes were reported in IN, representing the state’s second and third July records: one was along the St. Joseph River in northern St. Joseph Co on 18 Jul (Russell Conrad) and the other was at the Avoca Fish Hatchery in Lawrence Co on 29 Jul (Robert Ball). A Tennessee Warbler at Old School FP, Lake Co, IL 9 Jun (ph. Donna Kenski) was tardy, while one in Evanston, Cook Co, IL 12 Jul (Joshua I. Engel, Amanda Zeigler) was likely southbound. On 4 Jun, an Orange-crowned Warbler hit a window in Ogden Dunes, Porter Co, IN and was taken to a rehab center (fide Henry Smith). This represented IN’s latest “spring” record of the species and the first ever for June. A late Nashville Warbler was found at Chain O’ Lakes SP, Noble Co, IN on 1 Jun (Ed Powers). A Mourning Warbler in Chicago’s Jackson Park 22 Jun (Randy L. Shonkwiler) was a late spring migrant. Unusual for late June was a Blackburnian Warbler at Bemis Woods FP, Cook Co, IL 22 Jun (ph. Eric Stenstrom). A late migrant Blackpoll Warbler lingered at the Jarvis Bird Sanctuary in Chicago’s Lincoln Park 18 Jun (Ashley Keleher, Mary Keleher). A Black-throated Blue Warbler in Burnidge FP, Kane Co, IL 17 and 25 Jun (Henk Jan Oosterhuis) was unusual for summer. Late Yellow-rumped Warblers included individuals in Glen Ellyn, DuPage Co 12 Jun (Hazem Alkhan) and in Lake Bluff, Lake Co, IL 27 Jun (Ethan Ellis). Also late was a Black-throated Green Warbler at Lyman Woods FP, DuPage Co 21 Jun (ph. Michael Warner). The 16 Black-throated Green Warblers found in Brown, Monroe, Jackson, and Lawrence Cos on 15 Jun (Brad Jackson) represented the highest ever summer count for IN. On 21 Jul, Phillip Gerkin found an adult male Canada Warbler at French Lick Resort, Orange Co, providing the second July record for the southern tier of IN. At Oxbow Park, Elkhart Co, IN, a late Wilson’s Warbler was found 6 Jun (Erica Steward).

On the all-day survey in Parke Co, IN on 31 Jul, state-record counts of 310 Northern Cardinals and 717 Indigo Buntings were made (Alan Bruner, Rusty McIntyre, Kyle Rush).

Throughout the season, Painted Buntings were seen at their traditional site in East St. Louis, St. Clair Co, IL. During this period, two males were noted 10 Jun (Jan Hansen), 20 Jun (Dan M. Kassebaum), 21 Jun (Colin Dobson, Tony Ward), and 10 Jul (Ted Hartzler). A male and a female-plumaged bird were noted 21 Jun (Mike Avara, Michael P. Ward) and 17 Jul (Travis DeNeal). 

Report processed by Eric DeFonso, 28 Mar 2022.

Photos–Illinois & Indiana: Summer 2021

Illinois’s second Limpkin was present at Chain O’ Lakes State Park during 10–14 July, but was accessible only by watercraft. 11 Jul 2021. Photo © Oliver Burrus.

The first in Indiana since 1999, this Royal Tern was seen by scores of birders from 11–14 July at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte Co, the same site that hosted the prior two individuals in the state. 12 Jul 2021. Photo © Bob Huguenard.

Illinois’s first Royal Tern in six years amazingly appeared at the same location as the last one: Waukegan Beach in Lake Co. Present only on 18 Jul 2021, this bird was interestingly missing its tail. Photo © Annette McClellan.

Discovered by Bill Gilmour 19 Jul and remaining for weeks, this Wood Stork was seen by scores of birders at Mermet Lake, Massac Co, Illinois. There are now nine state records of this species during the 21st Century. 20 Jul 2021. Photo © Ryan Jones.

This Roseate Spoonbill near Golconda in Pope Co 31 Jul 2021 represented the fifth Illinois record in the last 10 years. Photo © Craig Taylor.

This White-tailed Kite was just the third for Illinois. It was present 21 Jun 2021 on Chouteau Island, Madison Co. Unfortunately, it was present for just the one day. Photo © Colin Dobson.

Representing the latest in a spate of relatively recent breeding records of Merlin in the region, three of the four members of this breeding family from Bloomington, Monroe Co Indiana are seen here. The family was seen and photographed for weeks following their discovery on 2 Jul by Karen Smith and likely represent one of the most southerly breeding records in the U.S. 2 Jul 2021. Photo © Joe Bailey.

Two Bewick’s Wrens in southern Schuyler Co, Illinois 7–13 Jul delighted the many birders who came to see them. 13 Jul 2021. Photo © Steve Zehner.