North American Birds: Vol. 73, No. 2

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From the President
Nikki Belmonte

About the Authors

The First U. S. Record of Bat Falcon
Rebecca Gelernter
Mary Gustafson
Zachary E. Johnson
José R. Ramírez-Garofalo

Unraveling Western Flycatchers: A Case Against the Split
Alec Hopping
Even in the hand and with genetic analysis, many Western Flycatchers can’t be identified as either Pacific-slope or Cordilleran, which leads to the question: Why are they still split? On p. 8 Alec Hopping lays out the argument that they should be re-lumped.

33rd Report of the ABA Checklist Committee 2022
Peter Pyle
Mary Gustafson
Alvaro Jaramillo
Tom Johnson
Andrew W. Kratter
Aaron Lang
Mark W. Lockwood
Marky Mutchler
David Sibley

Summary of the Winter 2021–2022 North American Finch Irruption
Matthew A. Young
Ryan Brady
Matthew J. Williams

Remembering Victor Gaboriault, Unsung Checklist Pioneer
Normand David
Jean Boulva
Jacques Larivée

Check-list Supplement Redux, v. 2021
Michael L. P. Retter

Pictorial Highlights: August 2021–February 2022
compiled by Amy Davis