Québec: Summer 2019

1 June–31 July

Pierre Bannon

Samuel Denault

Olivier Barden

Normand David

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Bannon, P., S. Denault, O. Barden, N. David. 2020. Summer 2019: Québec. <https://wp.me/p8iY2g-9adNorth American Birds.

Reproducing the same weather pattern of summer 2018, temperatures started off slightly cool in June 2019, but warmed up well above normal in July. The most impressive rarities reported throughout the period included Black-bellied Whistling-Duck and Western Grebe.

Waterfowl through Owls

For the fifth consecutive summer, Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks made an incursion in the region. A bird was first reported at l’Assomption 6 Jun (C. Loiseau, R. Dupuis) and then a remarkable group of 10 resided at Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola 20 Jun through 5 Jul (J. Lemoyne, m.ob.). Three Mute Swans made a brief stop at Côteau-du-Lac 12 Jun (J. Cantara, L. Tremblay et al.), while one lingered at Saint-Barthélemy 5–26 Jun (R. Piché, B. Dumont, m.ob). This species is not yet known to breed in the region. A Trumpeter Swan at Forestville 3 Jul furnished a new location where this species was found during summer in the region (A. Coughlan). Not known to breed in North America, Eurasian Wigeons were nevertheless reported in 6 different localities in the province during this nesting season. Rare in Abitibi region during summer, a Horned Grebe was unexpected at Val d’Or 7–25 Jul (R. Ladurantaye). A Western Grebe at Rivière-Ouelle 7 Jul provided only the third record for the province (C. Auchu, C. Girard).

Among shorebirds, the only notable sightings of the season were a Marbled Godwit at Baie-du-Febvre 20 Jun (J. Brunelle, Y. Dugré), a Willet at Saint-Gédéon 19 Jul (J. Ibarzabal), and a pair of Wilson’s Phalarope at Baie-du-Febvre 16 Jun (S. Morneau).

Always rare near Montréal in summer, 2 adult Little Gulls were an interesting find at Sainte-Catherine 20 Jul (P. Berthe, L. Lemay). A Ring-billed Gull was discovered well north of its range 17–18 Jun at camp Norpaq (56.827 North, -64.981 West) along George R., Nunavik (M. Robert).

Now annual in summer, single American White Pelicans were reported in at least 10 localities. Unusual wading birds from the south included single Snowy Egrets at Rimouski 6–9 Jun (G. Bouchard, L. Saint-Laurent), Saint-Barthélemy 14 Jun (J. Masson), and Grosse-Île (Les Îles de la Madeleine) 24 Jun–7 Jul (C. Roy); single Little Blue Herons at Grosse-Île until 6 Jun (DG. Gaudet), and at the Montréal Botanical Gardens 30 Jul (M. Savoie); a Tricolored Heron at Saint-Joachim 20 Jun–28 Jul (G. Garant, m.ob.); and a Cattle Egret at Rivière-Ouelle 4 Jun (I. Tremblay), relocated later at nearby Saint-André 27 Jun–9 Jul (D. Bérubé). A Black Vulture was spotted at Lévis 17 Jul (C. Labbé, M. Grondin), while an Eastern Screech-Owl was found north of its range at Boileau, Papineau 2 Jul (S. Hébert).

Woodpeckers Through Orioles

Despite being a regular breeder in the region for almost 15 years, a Red-bellied Woodpecker nest with young 19 Jun at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue was a first for the province (A. De Rubeis). A Western Kingbird at Pointe-aux-Outardes 1 Jun (E. Brotherton, E. Hains) was a rare summer report for the region. Probably the same bird was relocated further east at Baie-Trinité 16 Jun (E.Brotherton) A Loggerhead Shrike discovered 13 Jun at Bristol (É. Brisson-Curadeau) was later found to be paired with a female showing colored bands and incubating on a nest 15–20 Jun (P. Berthe, C. Trudel, m. ob.). Unfortunately, the pair left the area after a nearby field covered with mullein used by the birds to perch was mowed. The female had been hatched in an Ontario facility and released from captivity at Carden, Ontario in Jul 2017 (fide H. Wheeler). A Barn Swallow was well north of its known breeding range 15 Jun at camp Norpaq (56.827 North, -64.981 West) along George R., Nunavik (M. Robert).

A juvenile Lawrence’s Warbler was banded at Godmanchester 4 Jul (S. Duval). A male Hooded Warbler at Québec City 3 Jun was unexpected (L. Coté). A Yellow-throated Warbler stopped briefly at Hudson 2 Jun (W. Grubert). A male Clay-colored Sparrow was paired with a Chipping Sparrow, and was seen feeding young at Granby in late Jul (M. Berlinguette, M. Maheu). A presumed hybrid Field Sparrow × Clay-colored Sparrow was back for a second consecutive year at Godmanchester until at least 17 Jun (m.ob.). Only seen twice in summer before this year, Lark Sparrows were found at Île aux Lièvres 7–8 Jun (J. Masson, M. Lemay) and Rivière-Saint-Jean 18 Jun (R. Poulin), and Île Niapiscau (Minganie) 15 Jul (Y. Journet). A juvenile Grasshopper Sparrow photographed at Bristol 21 Jul was a rare recent confirmation of breeding for this declining species (M. Baril). LeConte’s Sparrow showed up in various locations with singles at Petit-Saguenay 25–29 Jun (G. Falardeau), Île aux Grues 12–17 Jul (F. Hareau), Cap Tourmente 16–21 Jul (A.Déry, L.Roy), and Bergeronnes 30 Jul–1 Aug (C.Auchu, C. Girard).

A male Blue Grosbeak at Kamouraska 1 Jul (C. Boilard) was probably a remaining bird of the unprecedented spring influx of this species. A female Yellow-headed Blackbird visited Rouyn-Noranda 8 Jun (M. Kerby), while a male brightened Rivière-Ouelle 23 Jun (C. Auchu et al.). A nesting pair of Orchard Orioles was present near Pike River 18 Jun–13 Jul (B. Hamel, m. ob.) for a second consecutive year. Single birds were also reported at Sept-Îles 13 Jun (JF Laporte), and at Hinchinbrooke 24 Jun (B. Goyette).


Escaped Northern Bobwhites are recurrently noted in the wild in the region but not reported to eBird or in this magazine. However, a pair accompanied by two chicks at Rivière-Beaudette near the Ontario border in May was worth mentioning (J. Ryan).

Report processed by José R. Ramírez-Garofalo, 4 Nov 2020.

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