As more and more people discover the exciting world of birding, clubs have formed to provide young birders with field trips, educational workshops, and networking opportunities.



At Fledglink, our mission is to empower and connect birders of all ages, with a special focus on nurturing young birders. We strive to provide a comprehensive platform that offers valuable resources, educational materials, and a vibrant community for bird enthusiasts worldwide. Through the promotion of avian conservation and the celebration of birding culture, we aim to inspire a lifelong passion for birds and contribute to the preservation of our feathered friends and their habitats!



North Alabama Young Birders Club
The North Alabama Young Birders Club (NAYBC) is based in Decatur, AL for ages 7-17. Our meetings are held the first Friday of every month at the Decatur Public Library Community Room from 3:30-4:30. We have monthly bird walks in our area to different birding hotspots/locations. For more information, call or text 615-631-3849 or email

Sulphur Springs Valley Young Birders
SSVYBC aims to provide expert guidance and resources for both young birders and mentors to connect and learn about birds. The club (based in Willcox, Arizona) allows young birders to meet, learn, and bird together while developing skills in leadership, peer mentoring, community involvement, and conservation ethics.

Tucson Young Birders Club
A group for kids ages 12-18 with an interest in birds and nature. We offer monthly field trips and more for young people to learn about birds, natural history, conservation, careers, and more, and to enjoy the beauty of southeastern Arizona. The club is operated by the Sonoran Joint Venture and Ironwood Tree Experience.

British Columbia

British Columbia Field Ornithologists Young Birders Program
The Young Birder Program is the in-the-field component of the BCFO offerings for youth. It is open to any young birder who shows a keen interest in getting involved with birding. Participants are mentored by expert, adult birders to advance their ornithological skills and interests through field trips to exceptional birding locations in BC.


Bay Area Young Birders
Bay Area Young Birders is a source for young birders in the San Francisco Bay Area to share information and enthusiasm about birds.

California Young Birders
Since its founding in 2014, California Young Birders has been dedicated to bringing together young birders across Southern California and creating a sense of community. Monthly field trips that run from January to August have taken members to the Channel Islands, San Bernardino Mountains, Big Morongo, Borrego Springs, the Salton Sea, and more. We hope to provide scholarships and improved field trips in the coming year and extend our reach nationally.


Connecticut Young Birders Club
The Connecticut Young Birders Club is an organization devoted to promoting birding and conservation for young birders within Connecticut and giving them opportunities to bird with other young birders like themselves as well as providing a chance to visit fantastic birding spots across the state.


Delaware Dunlins
The Delaware Dunlins Youth Birders Club is a group of school-aged young people who enjoy the excitement and experience of watching birds. The club is sponsored and supported by the Delmarva Ornithological Society, a regional birding club dedicated to the study and appreciation of birdlife on the Delmarva Peninsula.


Audubon Young Birders Club
The Young Birders Club, sponsored by Collier Audubon, is geared to children ages 6-18. Our season includes some exciting adventures to many of our wonderful nature spots to observe all the flora and fauna of the area.

The Florida Young Birders Club is a club for kids, teens, and young adults ages 9-17. The Club was founded in 2021 and currently has chapters in Tampa Bay, Orlando and St. Augustine. The goals of the club are to create a community for young birders throughout Florida, promote bird conservation, investigate careers in birding, build positive relationships with other birding groups, and most of all, to have fun!
Young Birders of Brevard
A group for young birders in Brevard County, Florida.


Young Birders of Georgia
A group for youth birders K through 12th grade from around the state.


Illinois Young Birders
Illinois Young Birders is a club for kids, teens, and young adults ages 9-18. We are here to foster and ignite a passion for birding among young people, provide community, promote conservation, investigate careers in birding, build positive relationships with other birding groups, and most of all, to have fun!


Indiana Young Birders


Iowa Young Birders
Founded in 2011 to encourage young Iowans ages 8-18 to study and enjoy birds and birding, Iowa Young Birders has offered nearly 40 field trips all around Iowa. More than 600 participants have included over 300 young birders, 200 parents and 100 volunteer trip leaders.


Kids Who Bird
This exciting program, sponsored by Baton Rouge Audubon Society, is designed for kids ages 9-16 who are interested and excited about birds. We’ll learn about the birds you can find right here in Baton Rouge, as well as other places in Louisiana.


Baltimore Youth Birding
Join other young birders ages 8-15 on bird hikes in the Baltimore area. You will find and learn to identify birds by sight and song with binoculars, field guides, and useful device apps. Learn about keeping bird lists, both for personal use and as a source of important conservation information through submission to the eBird website and programs such as Project Feederwatch. You will also become familiar with many of the excellent outdoor areas in and around Baltimore, so you can come back and visit them whenever you want.

Maryland Youth Birding – YMOS
YMOS is a subgroup of the Maryland Ornithological Society and was established to make the world of birds accessible to school age youth. The group supports youth birding throughout the State of Maryland by facilitating communication among youth birders throughout the State, providing opportunities for young birders to get started in birding and to help develop their skills, and providing educators with resources and opportunities to implement programs.


Massachusetts Young Birders Club
The Massachusetts Young Birders Club was created in 2014 to unite all of the young birders in Massachusetts and provide them with unique opportunities to further their interests. Field trips are a major part of the club and they serve to connect kids with the same passion.


Michigan Young Birders Club
Michigan Audubon launched the club in 2013 for youth ages 12–18. It is a club run by young birders, for young birders, and focuses on educating young birders about birds and conservation.

Oakland Owlets
Our goal is to teach young people and their families the importance of bird life and nature in the community through programs and outdoor experiences. You will learn and develop skills through stewardship while having fun. The club, sponsored by Oakland Audubon, is directed to young people ages 10-18.


Omaha Youth Birding Group
Omaha Youth Birding Group, an affiliate of the Audubon Society of Omaha, is dedicated to fostering a love of birds and conservation in 8-18 year olds. We welcome parents and grandparents and encourage learning through monthly field trips. We concentrate on birding the areas of the Omaha Metro area and plan to expand to other important bird areas in Nebraska and the upper Midwest as the group grows grows.

New Jersey

Cape May Young Birders Club
Cape May Young Birders (10 – 18 yrs old) meet on the first Tuesday of each month from April through November at the Cape May Point State Park at 4pm.

New Jersey Young Birders
The New Jersey Young Birders Club was created to connect young birders of New Jersey together and provide mentors for youth who are interested in natural science and conservation. If you are a birder 17 and younger, you are invited to join our club! We also welcome young birders from the surrounding states. Throughout the year, we have experienced birders leading us on field expeditions to the best birding spots in the Garden State.

New Hampshire

The Harriers
The Harriers, sponsored by Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, is a club for New England residents under 18 years of age who are excited about the natural world.

New Mexico

Burque Young Birders Club
The Albuquerque Young Birders Club provides opportunities for young people with an interest in birds and the natural world.

New York

New York State Young Birders Club
This club is for birders between the ages of 10 and 19. Club activities include field trips, annual meetings, and other events. In addition, youth members communicate via this website, a private mailing list, and an online discussion group. The New York State Young Birders Club is a special project of the New York State Ornithological Association.

WNY Young Birder Club
This club is designed to help connect young and young at heart people who love birds! The WNY YBC operates in partnership with Birds on the Niagara, an international Buffalo-based organization celebrating birds, conservation, and social justice.

North Carolina

Carolina Young Birders Club
We are a club for any young person aged 8-19 who has a interest in birds and lives in the Carolinas. It’s free to join- all that we ask is to stay in contact with us and participate!

North Carolina Young Naturalist Club
The Wake Audubon Young Naturalist Club is a program geared for 12 to 18-year-olds who have a strong interest in the natural sciences and want to explore the outdoors. Each month we go on at least one nature excursion or do an environmental service project. An excursion may be a half-day local wildlife hike, a full-day trek to the mountains, or overnight trip to the coast.


Ohio Young Birders Club
Encouraging, educating and empowering tomorrow’s conservation leaders. The Ohio Young Birders Club is for nature enthusiasts aged 12 to 18. It’s sponsored by the Black Swamp Bird Observatory and offers a variety of field trips, events and a social network.


Pennsylvania Young Birders
The Pennslyvania Young Birders Club is for youth ages 8-18 who are interested in birds and the environment. It is a program of the Appalachian Audubon Society offering field trips and monthly meetings. Here are links to our Instagram and website.

South Carolina

Carolina Young Birders Club
We are a club for any young person aged 8-19 who has a interest in birds and lives in the Carolinas. It’s free to join- all that we ask is to stay in contact with us and participate!


Travis Audubon Young Birders Club
The Travis Audubon Young Birders Club is a fun group of young nature enthusiasts in the Greater Austin area who gather each month to learn about birds!


Feather Questers
Feather Questers is the teen/youth birding program of the North Branch Nature Center. We provide opportunities for teen birders throughout the region and hope to inspire a new generation of young birders.


BHS Bird Club
The goal of the BHS Bird Club is to bridge the gap between the youth of the New River Valley and the incredible source of knowledge, mystery, serenity, and joy that lies within birding and the understanding of birds. If you are not attending Blacksburg High School but are still a young birder in the area, you are still welcome!

Blue Ridge Young Birders Club
We are a group of young birders ages 7 and up from both the Piedmont and Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia who share a passion for birds, photography, conservation and everything and anything else to do with wild birds and nature! If you are interested in sharing your passion for birds and learning more about our feathered friends then we invite you to join us.

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Young Birding Program
The Young Birding Program offers field trips, workshops and lectures for youth ages 13-20 to introduce them to birding, help them grow as birders and educate them about conservation. These events are led by experienced young birders and adults, and let participants directly contribute to citizen science efforts that support research and conservation in our region and across the globe. We also partner with local organizations, programs and agencies.


Birds Connect Seattle Young Birders
Young Birders brings together high school students with an interest in birds and conservation for a fun series of field trips, meetings, outreach activities, and scientific monitoring efforts. Experienced volunteers and naturalists help members learn about Washington’s birds and their place in the environment. Young Birders is a great way for teenagers to explore Northwest ecology, gain naturalist skills, and make a positive contribution to the natural world.

Vancouver Audubon Young Birders Club
Vancouver Audubon is currently working to form a Young Birders’ Club. If you or a family member are interested in participating, please contact Jared Strawderman at

West Virginia

West Virginia Young Birders Club
Are you under age eighteen, and are you interested in learning more about our state’s amazing birds? Then the West Virginia Young Birder’s Club may be the place for you! Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through birding while encouraging an appreciation for West Virginia’s native wild birds and Appalachian ecosystems.