December 2023 Photo Quiz

Tony Leukering
Dodge City, KS

Why do birds sit there all nice and steady… until one raises one’s camera? At least I expect this sort of behavior out of species in this family of passerines. Some quiz takers will work hard over this one, while others will snap out an answer immediately… depending on their experience and knowledge. And the mostly hidden head is not critical to getting to the identification.

What species is represented here?

Photos and answers are supplied by Tony Leukering, a field ornithologist based in southeast Dodge City, KS, with strong interests in bird migration, distribution, and identification. He has worked for five different bird observatories from coast to coast and considers himself particularly adept at taking quiz photos (that is, bad pictures!). Leukering is a member of the Colorado Bird Records Committee and had been a reviewer for eBird since its inception. He is also interested in most everything else that flies, particularly moths and odonates.