The Music of Stephanie Seymour

June 20, 2024

Listen to the songs mentioned in Stephanie Seymour’s interview in the December 2022 issue of Birding magazine from her brilliant album, There Are Birds:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet:

Northern Lapwing:

Bald Eagle:

Yellow-headed Blackbird:

Listen to the rest of the album and purchase There Are Birds here.

The ABA thanks Stephanie for her thoughtful interviews and for sharing her irresistible bird anthems with the birding world!

If you haven’t already, listen also to Nate Swick’s interview with Stephanie on the American Birding Podcast, and read Frank Izaguirre’s review of Stephanie’s album alongside Stephan Nance’s Look at the Harlequins!

The Impulse to Sing: Birders and Music

By |March 6th, 2020|

Birdsong is one of the most enchanting aspects of avian behavior, and birders especially love the times of year when birds can’t help but sing from dawn until dusk and even through the night. The impulse to sing seems just as strong in two passionate birders who are also talented and prolific musicians.