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ABA Photo Quiz
with Tony Leukering

ABA Photo Quiz – Jan 2018

January 9th, 2018|

Ah, everybody’s favorite, a brown duck. Fortunately, despite many birders’ seeming thoughts that there aren’t, there are numerous useful ID characters presented in this photo that enable a quick solution to the quiz.

ID Challenges

ID Challenge: Small Passerine

Although it doesn't offer your typical field guide pose, this photo certainly does provide a view that we often see while birding-a bird's rear end.

ID Challenge: Small Owl

A hooked bill, large eyes, and a round facial disk make it easy to see that this bird is an owl-but what kind?

ID Challenge: Flying Bird

The combination of size and shape is so important in bird identification, that when we see a bird at an odd angle at an unknown distance, it can often be very challenging to identify.

Advanced Identification

Soft Spot

Sure, it’s great to look at feathers. But the “soft parts” of a bird—its [...]

Identifying Juvenile Warblers

The Fun Really Begins Here

Secondary Aging Criteria

It pays to pay attention to the often-overlooked secondary flight feathers of large soaring birds.

Vagrancy and Identification of First-cycle Slaty-backed Gulls

North American birders face a formative identification puzzle...