ABA to Release New Version of Birding News

Listservs are dead. Long Live the listservs!!

ABA’s Birding News is the most popular listserv syndication service in the western hemisphere.

For over 20 years, beginning as Birdingonthe.net, this service has been the place where tens of thousands of birders go to read birding listserv messages every day.

And now, we are happy to announce a re-envisioned, complete make-over of this tried-and-true staple: ABA Birding News 2021.

In the video below, ABA Webmaster Greg Neise gives a quick history of how we got to today’s version, and then runs through the features of the new app.

The new version of ABA Birding News is available NOW at this link:



Addition to the features outlined in the video: we added a “Show All” button which displays all of the messages in-full, digest or “Siler-style”.