TLs ID Challenge

March 2020 Photo Quiz

Large rocks by a water body with apparent wave action play a part in this photo quiz. The shortish, orange legs and long, white wing stripe are also important.

March 2020 Photo Quiz2020-03-16T19:10:08-04:00

February 2020 Photo Quiz

Relative to the small branches, this quiz bird seems small and that feature, in combo with the fact that it’s perched in a tree, probably puts us in the large bird order, Passeriformes, which houses about half the world’s bird species.

February 2020 Photo Quiz2020-02-18T15:09:54-05:00

January 2020 Photo Quiz

Photos and answers are supplied by Tony Leukering, a field ornithologist based in southeast Colorado, with strong interests in bird migration, distribution, and identification. He has worked for read more >>

January 2020 Photo Quiz2020-01-17T17:42:05-05:00

November 2019 Photo Quiz

A bird clinging to the side of a tree, right side up. Yes, there are bird species that regularly or habitually cling to the trunks of trees that aren’t woodpeckers, but the Picidae is a good place to start when one encounters such.

November 2019 Photo Quiz2019-11-21T12:24:02-05:00

October 2019 Photo Quiz

Is this an ugly quiz photo, or what! The quiz bird seems to have few field marks, particularly as most of the head and underparts are not depicted, but I guarantee that it is identifiable to species.

October 2019 Photo Quiz2019-10-16T15:58:31-04:00

September 2019 Photo Quiz

Oh, lovely. Part of a small shorebird. Many of us know that various features of the wing and tail can be quite useful in identifying shorebirds, particularly using the two together

September 2019 Photo Quiz2019-10-23T16:37:54-04:00

August 2019 Photo Quiz

This month’s quiz bird has the hooked beak and talons typical of raptorial birds and the lack of a facial disk and the various plumage features visible rule out the owls (order Strigiformes) and New World vultures (order Cathartiformes), so we are left with...

August 2019 Photo Quiz2019-10-23T16:39:12-04:00

July 2019 Photo Quiz

Once more unto the flying-birds quiz photo, dear friends, once more. (Apologies to The Bard for the paraphrasing.) And, to make bad worse, the birds are flying away from us!

July 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:27:49-04:00

June 2019 Photo Quiz

The take-home message of this quiz (and the April 2019 quiz) is the same one that is front-and-center in most of my quizzes: Learn the field marks that aren’t usually noted in the field guides.

June 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:26:54-04:00

May 2019 Photo Quiz

Ugh. Birds flying away fairly high in the sky. Yes, those features often make bird ID difficult. However, in many such situations with many species, there still are enough clues to get to the correct ID. This is one such situation.

May 2019 Photo Quiz2019-07-19T12:25:35-04:00