The Sole of Birding: Footwear

From flip-flops to mountaineering boots, what you have on your feet will make, or break, your birding day.

The Sole of Birding: Footwear2019-10-03T22:31:03-04:00

Primer: Clothing & Layering

This article is about layering, or clothing oneself in such a way as to stay comfortable and safe throughout the varied and often temperamental climates in which we love (or dread) to bird.

Primer: Clothing & Layering2019-10-03T22:04:34-04:00

Analyzing Nocturnal Flight Calls

The fascinating nocturnal world of migrants is out there just waiting for you to experience and record. What will your first recording be?

Analyzing Nocturnal Flight Calls2019-10-03T22:01:50-04:00

Smartphone Audio Recording

Making and sharing audio recordings is a piece of cake. It’s as easy, literally, as pressing a button on your smartphone.

Smartphone Audio Recording2019-10-03T22:02:21-04:00