The Golden-winged Warbler Is the ABA’s 2024 Bird of the Year!

by Frank Izaguirre

April 25, 2024

Bee Bzz Bzz Bzz.

That’s a sound birders love to hear, and, in some places, one birders hear less often than they used to. Gorgeous, threatened, prone to producing interesting hybrid combinations with Blue-winged Warblers: the Golden-winged Warbler is a birder favorite, whether encountered as an expected breeder, an uncommon migrant, or an electrifying vagrant. Golden-winged Warbler is also the first warbler selected as the ABA Bird of the Year.

The ABA is honored to have Natasza Fontaine depict the 2024 Bird of the Year in her painting, “The Journey.” The art is a composite of two important ecological habitats to Golden-winged Warblers, their breeding and nonbreeding habitats, emphasizing the importance of conserving both. Learn more about Natasza’s art and career by reading her interview in the January issue of Birding magazine. Among Natasza’s various birding accomplishments, she completed a competitive Florida Big Year in 2020, along with her partner, and racked up 386 species. As a bioacoustics enthusiast, Natasza also loves birding by ear, a passion evident in the art itself.

The January Birding is loaded with Golden-winged Warbler articles and images. In addition to Natasza’s interview, the issue includes a gorgeous photo salon by Gene Koziara of the distinct field-identifiable forms of Golden-winged x Blue-winged Warbler hybrids, an article by Guillermo Saborio on tips for finding Golden-winged Warblers in their nonbreeding range, a crossword puzzle, coloring page, and stickers for your birding gear.

We hope all birders love the 2024 Bird of the Year art and are excited to celebrate the Golden-winged Warbler throughout 2024.

The 2024 ABA Bird of the Year artist is Natasza Fontaine! Here Natasza poses with the 2024 Bird of the Year art, entitled “The Journey.”

Natasza Fontaine’s art graces the cover of the January 2024 issue of Birding magazine. The ABA hopes all members enjoy!

The striking Golden-winged Warbler is one of the most beloved parulids in the ABA Area. 2024 is the first year when the ABA has selected a warbler as its Bird of the Year.