May 26, 2023

Continuing rarities in the ABA Area include both Long-toed Stint (ABA Code 4) and multiple Hawfinches (4) in Alaska, the La Sagra’s Flycatcher (4) in Florida, and the stunning Fan-tailed Warbler (4) in Arizona.

We have a good number of 1st records to report this week, starting in Pennsylvania where the state’s 1st Mottled Duck was found in Washington Co. The bird was intially identified as an American Black Duck but thankfully stuck around once the correct identification was determined.

In what is probably the most predictable 1st of the year, Ontario becomes the latest state or province to document a 1st record of Limpkin, this one in Simcoe Co north of Toronto. This is not, however, the 1st record for Canada as Nova Scotia, or all places, has a few records from the 50s and 60s.

New York also boasted a 1st this week, a Heermann’s Gull on the shore of Lake Ontario in Wayne Co is the second new gull for New York in 2023. This is almost certainly the same individual that represented Ohio’s 1st record a few weeks ago and the bird is working its way eastward along the southern short of the Great Lakes.

Montana also boasts a 1st this week, with the state’s long-awaited 1st Scott’s Oriole visiting a feeder in Beaverhead Co. A Little Blue Heron in Phillips Co is also notable for the state.

Most notable new bird for the ABA Area comes from Arizona, where the ABA’s 2nd record of Gray-collared Becard (5) was discovered at Cave Creek Canyon in Cochise Co. This is, notably, the exact same site that the ABA’s first record was seen in 2009. Also in Arizona, the season’s first Berylline Hummingbird (4) was visiting a feeder in Sana Cruz Co.

Up to Alaska where new finds on St Paul Island include Common Pochard (4) and Taiga Bean-Goose (3).

Colorado’s 2nd record of Acadian Flycatcher was seen at the migrant trap of Chico Basin Ranch in El Paso Co this week.

It’s getting hard to keep track of Limpkin records in some parts of the ABA Area these days, but one in Johnson Co, Kansas, is about that state’s 5th or 6th record.

Good for Texas, a Slate-throated Redstart (4) was at Big Bend National Park in Brewster Co.

Ohio hosts a Curlew Sandpiper (3) in Williams Co this week.

And in New Jersey, a pair of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in Bergen Co was a notable find.

Omissions and errors are not intended, but if you find any please message blog AT and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. This post is meant to be an account of the most recently reported birds. Continuing birds not mentioned are likely included in previous editions listed here. Place names written in italics refer to counties/parishes.

Readers should note that none of these reports has yet been vetted by a records committee. All birders are urged to submit documentation of rare sightings to the appropriate state or provincial committees. For full analysis of these and other bird observations, subscribe to North American Birds, the richly illustrated journal of ornithological record published by the ABA.