May 13, 2022

It’s been another good week for rare birds in the ABA Area, highlighted by the discovery, or perhaps the re-discovery, of the ABA’s 2nd record of Pine Flycatcher (ABA Code 5) in Pima, Arizona. The bird was originally reported in the first half of April as a Cordilleran Flycatcher, but Chris Benesh thought something was up with that recording and  headed to the spot about a month later and to re-find the bird and confirm the identification. The last Pine Flycatcher to be seen in the ABA Area was also in Arizona, and stuck around for the better part of the summer. Perhaps this one will as well.

It looks like we’re in for another Limpkin summer as the weird waders are already expanding on the inroads they made last year. Missouri hosted its 1st record in St. Clair, which was followed only a few days later by the state’s 2nd record at Mingo NWR.

Out to Alberta, where a Bar-tailed Godwit in Warner is an exceptional provincial 1st record. This famously long-distance migrating shorebird is very uncommon along the Pacific coast, let alone far inland.

And New Mexico continues its recent excellent run with a Black-vented Oriole (5) in Eddy. The bird has been recorded and briefly seen by visiting birders but has proven to be a difficult bird to find. Notably, this is not far from where the state’s 1st Blue Mockingbird was found last year.

Over to Nevada, where a Pomarine Jaeger in Sparks is the 3rd record of this largely ocean-going bird in this mostly dry state.

Oregon had a small flock of Bar-tailed Godwits make landfall near Newport.

Good for Washington was a Costa’s Hummingbird visiting a feeder in Kittitas. 

Montana’s 4th record of Garganey (4) in Billings is one of a handful of records of this Old World teal in North American this week.

Garganey (4) was also seen in Larimer, Colorado, this week.

Oklahoma had its second Limpkin in as many weeks in Tulsa.

Notable for Minnesota was a Yellow-throated Warbler in Nisswa.

In Illinois, a somewhat ragged Fork-tailed Flycatcher (3) has been in Lake for a few days.

Quebec’s 2nd record of Common Pochard (4) was seen in Lac-Saint-Jean.

Nova Scotia also had a Garganey (4) this week, in Amherst.

In Virginia, a stunning White-winged Tern (4) in Accomack was a very nice find.

And in Florida, a LaSagra’s Flycatcher (4) was seen in the very park in Miami-Dade that is also hosting a Thick-billed Vireo and a Bannaquit.

Omissions and errors are not intended, but if you find any please message blog AT and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. This post is meant to be an account of the most recently reported birds. Continuing birds not mentioned are likely included in previous editions listed here. Place names written in italics refer to counties/parishes.

Readers should note that none of these reports has yet been vetted by a records committee. All birders are urged to submit documentation of rare sightings to the appropriate state or provincial committees. For full analysis of these and other bird observations, subscribe to North American Birds, the richly illustrated journal of ornithological record published by the ABA.