Birding Book Club: Guides to Mexico and Central America

June 17, 2021

It’s time for the American Birding Podcast Birding Book Club and host Nate Swick welcomes bird media reviewers Frank Izaguirre from the ABA’s Birding magazine and Donna Schulman from the website 10,000 Birds to finally tackle birding’s great contribution to world literature, the field guide. We start with guides to Mexico and Central America, popular destinations for US and Canada birders and a great place to begin the discussion about what makes a good field guide and who and what field guides are for.

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Books discussed in this episode:

Angehr, George R. (author); Robert Dean (illus)The Birds of Panama: A Field Guide (Zona Tropical Publications)

Angehr, George R., Dodge Engleman, & Lorna EnglemaA Bird-Finding Guide to Panama

Chavarría-Duriaux, Liliana (author), David C. Hille (author); Robert Dean (illus.)Birds of Nicaragua

Clark, William S. & N. John Schmitt (illus.)Raptors of Mexico and Central America

Fagan, Jesse (author); Komar, Oliver (author); Dean, Robert (Illus);Burke Peter (Illus)Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Northern Central America Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

Gallardo, Robert with illustrations by John Sill, Michael DiGiorgio, Ian GriffithsGuide to the Birds of Honduras

Garrigues, Robert (author); Robert Dean (artist)The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide (Zona Tropical Publications), 2nd ed.

Howell, Steve N.G. & Sophie WebbA Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America

Howell, Steve N.G.A Bird-Finding Guide to Mexico (Comstock Books)

O’Donnell, PatrickHow to See, Find, and Identify Birds in Costa Rica

Ridgely, Robert S. & John A. Gwynne (illus.)A Guide to the Birds of Panama, With Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras, 2nd ed.

Stiles, F. Gary (author); Alexander F. Skutch (author); Dana Gardner (illus)A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica 

Vallely, Andrew C. & Dale DyerBirds of Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama (Princeton Field Guides series)

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