Let’s jump into June! Now that the hub bub of migration has died down, many birders are sitting back and relaxing back into their normal birding routines.
In New York, Brendan Murtha of Catching the Thermals recounts an outing to Bear Mountain State Park, where he bagged a variety of warblers, vireos, and other passerines, but narrowly missed the elusive Black-billed Cuckoo. He also observed the park’s insect and reptile life, including the endangered Timber Rattlesnake.

This past Sunday, the NYSYBC took a trip to Doodletown, a section of Bear Mountain State Park in NY. Doodletown is one of the best places to see Hooded and Cerulean Warblers within the vicinity of NYC. The trip was a success bird wise, and we easily nailed down our two target birds rather quickly.

Others are venturing farther afield. Kristina Polk tells of her explorations on the Galapagos Islands on her blog Wild @ Heart. She speaks of the island’s incredible biodiversity and shares her stunning photos of Marine Iguanas, Waved Albatross, tropicbirds, boobies, and more.

 When one mentions the Galapagos Islands, it conjures mystery, wonder, and even uncertainty. Often, it evokes the question “where is that?” Whatever the reaction to its name, there is a lot to be said about the Galapagos—to scientists, students, and citizens alike. An ever-changing battleground of life, a ‘living laboratory of evolution’, and a treasure trove of species, the archipelago has something to intrigue and inspire everyone.

Photo by Kristina Polk.

Photo by Kristina Polk.

Meanwhile, Charlotte of Prairie Birder is keeping in touch with birds much closer to home as she shares updates of the birds on her farm. Nothing like some cute fuzzy chicks to kick off your summer!

In May, I collected eggs from some of our hens and put them in our incubator, the chicks hatched last week. The chicks are a bunch of crosses as the four roosters I had in with the hens are a White Cochin, Ameraucana, Brown Silkie and a Buff Orpington x Red Rock Cross…

Finally, overseas in England, Andrew Kinghorn of the Fog Blog uses the more relaxed post-migration to catch up on some cataloguing from the last few months. But that’s not to say he isn’t finding exciting birds. Not at all! Read about how he spotted a Short-toed Eagle, a Buff-breasted Sandpiper, and a Spectacled Warbler all within a few days.

June went off with a bang; Short-toed Eagle at dawn on the 1st is the undoubted highlight of my year so far. Then Buff-breasted Sandpiper and Spectacled Warbler the next day made the day almost surreal. Work was rained off on the 4th and on the way home a handy Great Reed Warbler turned up 10 mins away from my location, a look at this beauty before heading back to the office was a must.