September seems to be a very slow month, at least in terms of blog birding! Below are a few of my favorite highlights.
Prairie Birder stumbles an interesting 20th century lady interested in birds:

When I was researching my 4H speeches last year on endangered/nearly extinct birds, I came across the writings of American nature writer, naturalist, and artist Virginia Eifert (1911-1966). She was an amazingly prolific writer, an early conservationist, and a strong believer in outdoor education, but it seems that few people — even passionate outdoors types — know about her nowadays.

Kyle, at Birding With Kyle talks about a trip to Florida he took in June.

For a week in June I went on a road trip to southern Florida, the Keys in particular. Along the way and in the area I did much birding, and also went to the Dry Tortugas. I had 3 lifers: Common Myna, Sooty Tern, and, best bird of the trip, Black Noddy.

Aberdeenshire Young Birder is now Lothian Young Birder, stationed in Glasgow and going to college!

Changes, changes changes! Welcome to ‘Lothian Young Birder’, for one. I can’t be bothered getting round to changing my web address, so that will just have to remain ‘aberdeenshireyoungbirder’, even though that stage in my life and my birding is now sadly behind me. I write now from my new base in Glasgow with the knowledge that in just a few days time I will be off to university in Edinburgh for four years. This monumental change in my life will inevitably make birding a more irregular feature for me, especially this autumn, as I will have other more important priorities.

Cédric Duhalde, writing at Birder from the Bay, tells us about the trials and tribulations of finding a Stilt Sandpiper in Humbolt County, California.

One of the many trials of birding is the patience needed to look for a bird. Sometimes you’ll be birding at your local patch, and it will be so slow that you won’t even be hearing any Black-capped Chickadees. Or you’ll be chasing a vagrant for hours and you’ll leave without even the slightest glimpse of the sought-after bird. My story here will be talking about the latter.