I had a hard time naming this blog, after rejecting the suggestion to simply title it The ABA Young Birder Blog.
I wanted it to be memorable and meaningful (yes, I'm the sentimental
type). I teased my brain for ideas and you would probably cackle at
some of the hokey titles I imagined. I began exploring names of groups
of birds, like pod, usually in reference to coots. Coots? Doesn't sound
like a place for young birders. I also considered fleet, but that makes
me think of warships more than birds. I also considered Phaethontidae,
the genus of the ABA's logo bird. In Greek it means "to shine"*, and
this blog will certainly be a place for young birders to shine. I
preferred, however, a name I could pronounce. I finally decided upon The Eyrie.
An eyrie is the elevated nest of a raptor, usually of the cliff-nesting
eagles or falcons. The virtues of a raptor are suitable to young
birders: energy, keen eyes, high flying. The Eyrie invites
young birders from elementary to college level to share their stories,
artwork, and conversation with one another as a community. I encourage
participants to interact with each other by responding to posts,
sharing milestones in life lists, answering photo quizzes, and more.
The aim is to create a place where a closely knit community of young
birders can express their interest in birds and birding, whether
participants define themselves as listers or casual birdwatchers. So
have fun and share this site with other young birders… if you know
any 😉 Feel free to comment with recommendations or suggestions, as
well. And finally a word to the wise: please no foul language (but fowl
is ok), and no complaining. This blog is purely for the positive. Enjoy!

Words for Birds: A Lexicon of North American Birds with Biographical Notes by Edward S. Gruson