When I took over as blog manager for The Eyrie a little over two years ago, we immediately began talking about ways to reinvigorate the young birder blog of the ABA. One of the top items on our wish list was to move the blog over from Typepad, where the blog had resided since its inception, over to a WordPress platform. For a variety of reasons, this process took a little bit longer than we’d originally anticipated, but I’m thrilled to announce that the time has finally come and The Eyrie now has a new home: http://youngbirders.aba.org.
Among the many things that you can look forward to on the new blog include bylines for each of the student blog editors and our new featured bloggers, so you can easily search for posts by author, as well as a more diverse list of categories, so you’ll be able to better find posts about a particular topic. We’ll also have much better integration with The ABA Blog (which also recently  made the jump to WordPress). We’re still working out a few kinks in the system, of course, so please drop me a line or leave a comment if something doesn’t seem to be working quite right. Although many of our old posts made the transfer from TypePad over to WordPress fairly seamlessly, for others the formatting got a bit wonky, so I am going back through to fix some formatting issues and assign appropriate authorship.
In the meanwhile, come on in and look around! Leave a comment and stay awhile! And be sure to update your blog readers, or subscribe to our new RSS feed by clicking on the “Subscribe” link in the right-hand sidebar.
Special thanks to the ABA web development team of Greg Neise and David Hartley for all of your efforts in making this happen.