Volunteer Your Time and Talent!

July 21, 2024

Many of us can attribute our passion for birding to the people and groups who fostered our interest. A great way to give back to the birding community is to volunteer for a committee or board role with the ABA.  We are looking for help in a number of areas to help guide the organization in its growth.  These are opportunities to make a real difference in the organization and to work with some of the most accomplished birders on the continent.  Here are the areas of talent we are looking for support in:

Consumer Marketing:  The ABA wants to stay current with the best practices of successful consumer marketing organizations, ranging from strategy, to pricing, to digital communications, and beyond.   Board member Paul Riss, Creative Director at the Round Agency, will be coming to the end of his term this year, and we would like to find someone with similar skills.

Fund Development:  The fundraising committee of the Board is looking for individuals to assist with resource development and fundraising. The committee works with staff to review and implement annual plans and activities as well as networking with supporters. Those with professional experience who can share current experience in effectively connecting with donors would also be a welcome addition.  If you are a fundraiser, please consider sharing your expertise with the ABA.

Youth Programs:  The ABA has run Young Birder camps and a Young Birder mentoring program for decades.  These programs have been so successful that we want to expand them.  If you have experience managing youth programs, we would welcome your insight.

Volunteer Management:  As the ABA’s programs grow, we will be looking for volunteers to support outreach and events in a variety of geographic areas and create new ways for them to use their skills to build the birding community.  If you have experience with recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteers, we could use your expertise.

Public Relations and Communications: Birds and birding generate compelling stories, images, and endless knowledge of interest to people. The ABA would like to take these opportunities and increase its presence in the media to introduce the organization to the broader public   Those with a network or experience in media and communications would be great support to our small operation.

Governance and Leadership:  While the ABA’s programs are all about birds and birding, the ABA itself is a non-profit corporation with board governance, financial management, human resources, legal, IT, planning, and all the other functions of any organization.   We are always looking for people with experience or interest in nonprofit board governance, oversight, and visionary thinking to support our mission to inspire all people to enjoy and protect wild birds.

If you have interest in volunteering your time and expertise in any of these areas, please contact Jordan Roderick, Vice Chair, at jroderick@aba.org.