The Tropicbirds have descended upon Cape May and are scouting. They have successfully chased Bar-tailed Godwit and are on the hunt for Upland Sandpiper. Be sure to return to this page tomorrow for updates on the Big Day.

7:00 AM: The Tropicbirds are cleaning up on warblers but still need a Kentucky. They began the night with three owl species and a hail storm. They are on their way to Belleplain State Forest….

9am-85 species including Bay-breasted Warbler, and they haven’t hit the coast yet

12pm-Greater Yellowlegs makes 118, off to chase White-rumped Sandpiper

4pm-122 species, including Yellow-crowned Night Heron (nesting) and 22 warbler species.

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Good luck in the home stretch Tropicbirds!

8:25 PM-138 species and off to Jake's landing

11PM-139 species, Chuck-will's-widow is the latest

The Tropicbirds have finished the competition with141 species and have placed 5th in level 3, division c (in other words, in their age category)