Tropicbirds Teams: Young Birders Needed!


2008 Tropicbirds Team: Great Texas Birding Classic

Photo courtesy of Neil Gilbert
The ABA hopes to send two teams of young birders to compete in Big Day events in New Jersey and Texas this year. There is still room to apply and the ABA is still on the search for 4 to 5 young birders eager to participate in either The World Series of Birding (NJ) or the Great Texas Birding Classic (TX). Both events are excellent ways to expand your knowledge and skills in bird identification. Participants will arrive a few days before the competition to scout out surrounding areas. They will bird for 24 hours (no sleep!) on the day of the competition, tallying as many species as possible, heard or seen. The ABA will send a team of four to each competition.

If interested, apply soon! The competition dates are May 15 (New Jersey) and April 24 (Texas). Keep in mind, the ABA needs donations in order to continue sending young birders to these Big Day events. Participants are asked to help fundraise and advertise for the event. For more information or to make pledges:


stuck in the mud :)

The 2008 Tropicbirds Team: Great Texas Birding Classic

Photo courtesy of Neil Gilbert 


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