A subset (L-R Andy Johnson, Marcel Such, Harold Eyster) of the 2010 ABA GTBC Tropicbirds team demonstrating some raw, primitive birding at the Jasper Fish Hatchery. 

They are poised to strike. In less than two weeks, four talented young birders will descend upon the Upper Texas Coast to participate in the Great Texas Birding Classic. And not just for fun, either–those four young birders are (well, at least they should be) frantically scrambling to attain pledges from family, friends, perhaps even strangers. The donations will go to further the American Birding Association's youth education program, providing funding for scholarships, camps, and the Young Birder of the Year Contest. They need your help. Go to the ABA website and make a pledge! Yes, that's an order–and for your convenience, here's the link: Pledge Page!

Who are these fearless champions of the ABA? Take a deep breath, and meet the 2011 Tropicbirds!

 Galenfrankbishop Galen Frank-Bishop, Plainfield, MA

Ethan Gyllenhaal, Oak Park, IL

Maia Paddock, Carlisle, PA

Sarah Toner, Ann Arbor, MI

If you want to learn more about the team members, read their biographies on the team photos page. Of one thing I am sure: these guys are going to tear it up in Texas. They hope to break the coveted barrier of two hundred species; if they do, rumor has it that Chip Clouse, Education Director of the ABA, will shave his head in celebration.