Announcing the 2010 Tropicbird teams! A brief bio of each member can be found at: . Don't forget to make a pledge, the ABA needs your help! Donations go towards supporting future Tropicbird teams.


Great Texas Birding Classic (April 24):

Harold Eyster, Chelsea, MI (age 16)

Neil Gilbert, Orange, CA (age 17)

Spencer Hardy, Norwich, VT (age 15)

Andy Johnson, Ann Arbor, MI (age 17)

Marcel Such, Lyons, CO (age 14)


World Series of Birding (May 15):

William Corrigan, Mississauga, ON (age 14)

Nathaniel Hernandez, Great Meadows, NJ (age 15)

Seth Humeniuk, Woodbury, NJ (age 14)

Kenny Kimbrough, El Cajon, CA (age 15)

Jimmy Warren, Schwenksville, PA (age 17)


Don’t forget to visit The Eyrie on the competition dates for updates on the team’s progress.