Know what’s cool about The Eyrie? It’s a blog for young birders, by young birders. Note that “birders” is plural. The Eyrie is not a place for me to spew my personal ideas, opinions, and experiences for the whole world to endure. Sure, I might not be able to resist the urge to write the occasional post about the best rock songs for birding road trips, but my job is to edit and compile your ideas, opinions, and experiences. Anyone is welcome to contribute; just shoot me an email, and we’ll work something out. 

What, you may be wondering, is appropriate content for The Eyrie? Anything related to birds—the more creative, the better. Identification articles, true stories about being kidnapped by gnomes while searching for Spruce Grouse, book reviews, tips for cop avoidance when owling—the potential is limitless. Heck, I’ll take pieces about dragonflies, plants, or snakes, too. A well-rounded young birder should be interested in aspects of nature other than birds, and I think that should be reflected in The Eyrie.

I have just one request for your submissions. Have someone else read them and give you suggestions! Though my job is to edit and compile your submissions, I’m a busy college student; I do not have the time to make heavy revisions to your writing. Your reviewer could be anyone—a parent, sibling, teacher, or classmate. Asking for and applying advice is a crucial element of writing; as aggravating as it may be, it will help you develop as a writer.

So, please—bombard me! My email address is [email protected].