9:30 AM (Eastern Time Zone): Our Tropicbirds team is on the go! They began at midnight with Eastern Screech-Owl and some marsh birding looking for rails. They are currently searching for migrants at Higbee. Keep checking this post for more updates….

Cerulean x Northern Parula  

Cerulean x Northern Parula hybrid seen by the team yesterday (not countable on Big Day, just a cool bird). The team saw 17 species of warblers in scouting yesterday.

12:14 PM: The Tropicbirds are intensely searching for their nemesis birds on Stevens Street: Swallow-tailed and Mississippi Kites. They've added a few migrants to their list, including Blackburnian Warbler and five Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. Perhaps their most exciting bird so far has been a close view of a Parasitic Jaeger chasing terns.

6:30 PM: The Tropicbirds push on with about two hours of daylight left. After moving north the team is heading back to Cape May. Target species at this point include Great Cormorant, Red-throated Loon, Lesser Black-backed Gull, and Black-necked Stilt. Since the last update the team has added Bay-breasted Warbler and the dependable Snow Goose at Cape May zoo.

10:00 PM: The team is currently listening for nocturnal migrants, specifically thrushes. Exciting new additions include Purple Sandpiper and American Coot. A heavy thunderstorm in the late afternoon delayed birding shortly after scoring the coot. The list stands at 161. Parasitic Jaeger and Bay-breasted Warbler have been voted the best birds of the day.

12:00 AM: The finish line! Our team adds Veery to their list and wrap up the day with 162, a great final count for Cape May county only. Congratulations Ted, Corey, Spencer, and John! A word from the very tired Corey Husic…his favorite bird for the day is House Sparrow 😉