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Open Mic: 2014 Camp Avocet–an intern's perspective

I don’t think there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that Camp Avocet was totally, undeniably awesome this year, so I won’t spend too long telling you all that. In mid-August 2014, a committed staff and a crew of very enthusiastic and almost unbelievably skilled campers assembled in Lewes, in southern Delaware, for the second year of this ABA camp.

Open Mic: 2014 Camp Avocet–an intern's perspective2014-10-13T10:38:43-04:00

Velociraptors and Moving Rocks: Notes from Camp Colorado

My week at Camp Colorado started off a few hours behind schedule. After my brother and I boarded our plane, we learned that the plane had a broken seal, and would not be flying us to Denver. We switched planes and got about an hour and a half out, when an elderly woman’s medical emergency turned us back to Chicago. Finally, we landed in Colorado three hours late...

Velociraptors and Moving Rocks: Notes from Camp Colorado2014-09-21T07:01:59-04:00

Planting an Interest at Farm Camp

To my brother Benjamin and me, it’s not summer without Farm Camp. Run by Connie, a teacher at my former middle school, and her husband David, Farm Camp is a small, outdoors-oriented, all-ages camp that runs throughout the first half of summer.

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Trying for Trogons: Memories from Camp Chiricahua 2012

Southeast Arizona is home to a dazzling array of beautiful and rare birds, but one species is foremost in the minds of birders travelling to the region than any other: the Elegant Trogon. On Camp Chiricahua last summer, the bird was never far from our thoughts, given that it graced the cover of all of our checklists.

Trying for Trogons: Memories from Camp Chiricahua 20122013-04-24T01:51:16-04:00

Planning for Summer

Last year at this time, I decided to apply for the Doug Tarry Young Ornithologists’ Workshop at the Long Point Bird Observatory on Lake Erie in Ontario.

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2013 Summer Opportunities for Young Birders

Starting to make plans for the summer? The hard part will be deciding what to do! Colorado, Delaware, Arizona, Maine, New York, Texas, Washington, Ontario...wherever you want to go, there's a young birder camp for you!

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Quail Hunt

At Camp Chiricahua in 2012, I had the time of my life. There were many great experiences, friends, and of course, birds. One particular day stands out to me among the rest; it was the day that will forever remain in my memory – the day we saw a Montezuma Quail.

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2012 Camp Colorado report

As I look back at Camp Colorado 2012, I see a blur of smiles, jokes, people, and birds. I see 60+ lifers. I see Mountain Plovers and Prairie Falcons. But the most prevalent trait of Camp Colorado is fun. Yes, the birds and all those cool sights and sounds meld into fun.

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A Few Highlights from Camp Colorado 2012

From July 8-13, 2012, eighteen young birders from across the U.S. and parts of Canada arrived in Estes Park, Colorado, to participate in the American Birding Association's annual young birder camp, Camp Colorado. We visited read more >>

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