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July Photo Quiz

This month's photo quiz comes to us courtesy of young birder Madeleine McDonald, with some photo assistance from Liam Wolff.

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June 2012 Photo Quiz Answers

1.  From the basic shape and posture of the bird, we can tell that it is some sort of heron. The colors and the fact that the picture was taken in Georgia in June eliminate read more >>

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June 2012 Photo Quiz

Today's photo quiz comes courtesy of Sam Brunson and John Mark Simmons, the young birders behind Two Birders and Binoculars.

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April Photo Quiz

This month's photo quiz takes us to South Padre Island, in Cameron County, Texas. All photos were taken in February 2008. 1.  2.  3. 

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February 2012 Photo Quiz

Test your identification skills with these three challenging photos! Feel free to discuss in the comments section below, on Facebook, or in real life. Answers will be posted on Friday. 1. July 26, 2011, Estes read more >>

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Photo Quiz Answers

by Tristan Weinbrenner Ready for the answers to last week's photo quiz? Read on for a walk through with The Eyrie Student Blog Editor Tristan Weinbrenner and see if your guesses were correct! Bird A: read more >>

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Photo Quiz!

Student blog editor Tristan Weinbrenner has put together a great new photo quiz for readers of The Eyrie. Take a look at the pictures below and submit your thoughts, ideas, and questions about identifications in read more >>

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