Ohio Young Birders Club

The Biggest Week In American Birding

The Biggest Week in American Birding is a 10-day festival in northwest Ohio, "The Warbler Capital of the World!" Immerse yourself in spring songbird migration and experience some of the best birding North America has read more >>

The Biggest Week In American Birding2020-02-20T18:21:28-05:00

Planting an Interest at Farm Camp

To my brother Benjamin and me, it’s not summer without Farm Camp. Run by Connie, a teacher at my former middle school, and her husband David, Farm Camp is a small, outdoors-oriented, all-ages camp that runs throughout the first half of summer.

Planting an Interest at Farm Camp2014-04-22T13:28:09-04:00

Worlds Away

By Kristina Polk Dusty skins and tired penmanship do not conjure particularly inviting images, though they are quite beautiful when given the chance. Cold, muffled steps move down corridors and through bright rooms filled with jars read more >>

Worlds Away2012-02-06T13:42:00-05:00