Open Mic: My First Breeding Bird Survey

When I got asked to go on my first Breeding Bird Survey with one of our areas top birders, I jumped at the opportunity! I met Katie Koch, a US Fish and Wildlife Service bird biologist at 4:45am. That was the earliest time I've been birding by 15 minutes.

Open Mic: My First Breeding Bird Survey2014-08-12T13:22:21-04:00

Planting an Interest at Farm Camp

To my brother Benjamin and me, it’s not summer without Farm Camp. Run by Connie, a teacher at my former middle school, and her husband David, Farm Camp is a small, outdoors-oriented, all-ages camp that runs throughout the first half of summer.

Planting an Interest at Farm Camp2014-04-22T13:28:09-04:00

Birding in Wilderness

Few birders immerse themselves outside on extended trips into the wilderness, even though we do love the natural world. Although we work to preserve habitat for birds, we rarely visit large swaths of habitat, no matter how close they are to our backyards.

Birding in Wilderness2014-02-18T12:28:17-05:00

A Taste of Spring

I’ve been stuck in school watching the sunshine for a full seven hours and I’m itching to get outside. As soon as school ends I burst out the doors and breath the fresh air. When I spot my mom, I say, “I don’t have any homework, so I think I’m going to go birding today.”

A Taste of Spring2012-04-23T19:24:57-04:00

A Bird of the North Country

By Sarah Toner Chickadees are tiny, cute, and spunky. I grew up with the common Black-capped Chickadee, always ready to scold me whenever I stepped out the door. When I was starting to bird nationally, read more >>

A Bird of the North Country2012-01-24T22:46:42-05:00

Introducing Sarah Toner!

*Sarah is one of the new Student Blog Editors for The Eyrie. Sarah Toner I’m Sarah Toner, and I’m a fourteen year-old birder from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Raptors got me started in birding when I read more >>

Introducing Sarah Toner!2011-10-27T12:00:00-04:00

A Good Day Spent Sanderling

By Sarah Toner Every birder knows that August means migrating shorebirds. My home county in Michigan is landlocked, and we rely on flooded farm fields to see shorebirds, so every fall I make a few read more >>

A Good Day Spent Sanderling2011-09-23T17:51:48-04:00