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5th Annual Hawaii Island Festival of Birds

The 5th Annual Hawaii Island Festival of Birds takes flight October 15-19, 2020. HIFB’s 2020 theme, “Wanderers and Migrants—Celebrating Hawaii's Avian Voyagers,” will focus on the remarkable number of migratory and accidental avian visitors that arrive in read more >>

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Young Birder Blog Birding #14

Greetings, young birders! It’s February, and although the weather may still be wintry, the birds are starting to awake from the winter doldrums and get ready for spring. In northern Wisconsin, where I am currently snowed in, the chickadees have been fee-beeing and the goldfinches started singing today!

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The Important Gray Fluff Ball

By Alexandria Simpson Who knew that a small gray bit of fluff, barely identifiable as a bird by the tiny black beak, could be important? One in a Haitian cave on March 3, 2011 certainly was! This gray fluff ball was the first Black-capped Petrel chick ever photographed.

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