Belize birding tour

March 22-31, 2024

Join us for a wonderful birding tour focusing on Belize's Yucatan endemics and a host of wetland, rainforest, and pine specialist birds.
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December 9—22, 2023

Get ready for a unique and empowering birding and wildlife experience in Rwanda, Land of a Thousand Hills, led by extraordinary Women Birders.


Crane Fiesta

Brought to you by the same folks that brought you the nationally recognized Festival of the Cranes, the virtual Crane Fiesta 2021 will bring you an extraordinary opportunity for premiere photography and birding classes, regardless read more >>

Crane Fiesta2021-03-25T12:40:45-04:00

What Now in Bird Policy with Tykee James

With a new presidential administration with new conservation priorities on the horizon, Tykee James of On Word for Wildlife joins us to talk about what birders and conservationists in the United States can expect in the next few months.

What Now in Bird Policy with Tykee James2020-11-18T13:45:53-05:00

Wings Over Willapa

Wings Over Willapa is a birding and nature festival held in the Long Beach, WA area the last weekend of every September. A celebration of the natural wonders at Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, it features read more >>

Wings Over Willapa2020-01-31T18:03:06-05:00


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