How to Know the Birds: No. 26, The Fantasy Nuthatch

Why do you go to birding? Is it to “chase” a rarity? To find one on your own? Is it for exercise? For contemplation? Is it to spend time with friends? To get away from it all? For science? For conservation?

How to Know the Birds: No. 26, The Fantasy Nuthatch2020-02-10T14:26:37-05:00

Open Mic: Birds of the Black Forest Fire

When I took on the challenge of the 2014 Young Birder of the Year Contest, I was fully aware that it would be the hardest thing I had ever done. I planned to devote myself to the study of birds for nearly six months spending hours each day compiling a field notebook, studying nest boxes, analyzing data, and writing about birds.

Open Mic: Birds of the Black Forest Fire2014-12-23T12:01:54-05:00

Birding a Fourteener

5:00 am. My wake-up alarm song blared electric guitar into the chill predawn. It was time.

Birding a Fourteener2013-08-10T17:03:54-04:00

2012 Camp Colorado report

As I look back at Camp Colorado 2012, I see a blur of smiles, jokes, people, and birds. I see 60+ lifers. I see Mountain Plovers and Prairie Falcons. But the most prevalent trait of Camp Colorado is fun. Yes, the birds and all those cool sights and sounds meld into fun.

2012 Camp Colorado report2012-08-20T11:30:00-04:00

June 2012 Photo Quiz

Today's photo quiz comes courtesy of Sam Brunson and John Mark Simmons, the young birders behind Two Birders and Binoculars.

June 2012 Photo Quiz2012-06-11T13:53:00-04:00