Camp Chiricahua

Trying for Trogons: Memories from Camp Chiricahua 2012

Southeast Arizona is home to a dazzling array of beautiful and rare birds, but one species is foremost in the minds of birders travelling to the region than any other: the Elegant Trogon. On Camp Chiricahua last summer, the bird was never far from our thoughts, given that it graced the cover of all of our checklists.

Trying for Trogons: Memories from Camp Chiricahua 20122013-04-24T01:51:16-04:00

Quail Hunt

At Camp Chiricahua in 2012, I had the time of my life. There were many great experiences, friends, and of course, birds. One particular day stands out to me among the rest; it was the day that will forever remain in my memory – the day we saw a Montezuma Quail.

Quail Hunt2013-02-04T09:22:00-05:00

Owling in the Huachucas

The sun beat down on the exposed rocks of the wash, and also on the young birders of 2012 Camp Chiricahua. Even though we were at 5,800 feet in the Huachuca Mountains of southeastern Arizona, the sun was still quite intense.

Owling in the Huachucas2012-11-20T10:55:49-05:00