Wings Over Willapa

Join us for the third annual Wings Over Willapa Festival where we connect people with birds, nature, and art in celebration of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. Located on Washington State’s Long Beach Peninsula, we have [...]

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Acadia Birding Festival

Experience the birding wonders of Maine, from boreal to ocean – warblers, puffins, and more. We offer field trips, pelagic trips, paddling trips, talks, social events, and evening presentations. Join celebrity birders and over 40 [...]

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Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds

23rd annual migration celebration in northwest Minnesota’s unique transition zone of tallgrass prairie, hardwood and conifer forests, and wetlands. Carrol Henderson presentation Thursday on Hummingbirds of the Americas. Humorist Al Batt returns with Friday evening [...]

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Festival of Flight and Flowers Weekend, Meet the Birding by Bus Couple

The weekend comprises of a one-day festival on October 12, in downtown Eustis, surrounded by immersive field trips, nature walks, and bird watching Friday, Saturday, and Sunday led by biologists and nature experts. • Friday [...]

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What exactly is a field notebook? Part 5 of 5.

Recognizing that there are no such things as right and wrong, here are some thoughts for what you might include in your field journal (and field notebook!). But remember, it’s your field journal so you can do what you want.

What exactly is a field notebook? Part 5 of 5.2015-07-30T10:14:18-04:00

What exactly is a field notebook? (Part 1 of 5)

Young birders are sponges that absorb all sorts of information, ask questions, and never seem to tire out – although they can certainly exhaust the adults who work with them! I’ve been involved with YB events for 15 years now, and in 2013 I was a judge for the field notebook module of the ABA Young Birder of the Year competition, sponsored by Leica Sports Optics.

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Young Birder Blog Birding #26

What a winter! Intense cold in the Midwest, drought in California, and a heat wave in Alaska, of all places. Did I mention the cold?

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Birding a Fourteener

5:00 am. My wake-up alarm song blared electric guitar into the chill predawn. It was time.

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