Stonewashed Blue 

Most birders have a plethora of birdy T-shirts in their closet: conferences, symposiums, Audubon societies, ornithological societies, you name it. I confess, I’m a stickler for birding T-shirts. Many a time family members have said “Rae, you have so many nice shirts, and you never wear them”. Frankly, T-shirts are comfortable and birding T-shirts in particular reflect a part of my identity. No frilly collars, no tight fabric, and a menagerie of shorebirds on the front….perfect.

Feel the same way? Here’s a chance for you to acquire yet another birding T-shirt.

The American Birding Association (ABA) provides a number of programs for young birders. Many of you have participated in the Young Birder of the Year contest, an annual competition in which teen birders can further their skills in bird art, writing, photography, and note taking. The ABA provides generous prizes and participants receive helpful critiquing back from several judges. The ABA also cranks out several publications: Birding, Winging It, and North American Birds. The ABA is a vital resource for birders, and all the more deserving of support.

Here’s the deal: when you renew your membership and convince a friend to purchase a membership, you will receive a “Raw, Primitive Birding” T-shirt in Texas Orange or Stonewashed Blue (ok, this sounds like a sales commercial now). Remember, becoming a member includes receiving Birding and Winging It, both packed with intriguing articles covering a variety of topics from the minute details of identification to personal experiences with birds. To renew or sign up for a membership visit:

Call in the next hour and we’ll throw in a free terry cloth robe (just kidding)…