Are you interested in the challenge of bringing together the skills and talents of young birders across the world and working to create a truly unique and outstanding young birder blog? If so, now is your chance! We're looking to add a few exceptional young birders to our volunteer Student Blog Editor Team.

What being a student editor entails is pretty straightforward:

  • You write a minimum of one post per month for the blog.
  • You try to recruit one post per month from other young birders, give these posts a first round of edits, and pass them on to the Blog Manager for final editing and publication.
  • You take a turn compiling the monthly "Young Birder Blog Birding" post.
  • You help promote the blog to other young birders and those with an interest–on Facebook, your own blog, by word of mouth, etc.
  • You help guide the future direction of the blog, including content, design, etc.

Being a student blog editor for The Eyrie gives you the unique opportunity to gain experience, improve your writing and editing skills, work with experts in the fields or ornithology, birding, and conservation, and help shape the future of the youth birding world.
As blog editor, you will seek out contributors, ensure the timely submission of blog posts, artwork, and photographs to yourself and the Blog Manager, follow American Birding Association guidelines for editing of submissions, stay in close contact with the Blog Manager, and keep abreast of the goings on in the world of youth birding. You will also regularly contribute your own posts, photos, and/or artwork to The Eyrie.

Qualifications: Editors must…

  • be pre-college, age 18 or under.
  • have a good connection with other young birders.
  • be willing to make a one-year commitment to the blog.

To apply, send a letter of interest with information about your experience and qualifications, a writing sample, and two letters of recommendation to: Jennie Duberstein, ABA Young Birder Liaison/The Eyrie Blog Manager, at jduberstein at aba dot org or PO Box 40253, Tucson AZ 85717. Emailed applications are strongly are preferred.

Your letter of interest and letters of support should include information about your skills and experience as a birder, writer, artist, photographer, trip leader, etc., your involvement with and connections to the world of young birders, and anything else that explains what you would bring to the editorial team of The Eyrie.

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 24, 2013. Direct all questions to jduberstein at aba dot org.