Song Bird Coffee – Nicaraguan Medium Roast


Nutty • Smooth • Milk Chocolate

Fruity, nutty and chocolaty with hints of dried mango. Sweet without sugar, mellow without cream, it is a great breakfast coffee.


This coffee is roasted to a light milk chocolate color where its bright and complex flavors explode into life.

Migrating songbirds need a place to rest on their long journeys and shade-grown coffee is one way to ensure that their precious habitats are being preserved. This coffee comes from the Finca Los Pinos Corrales family farm in Aranjuez, Nicaragua, which is a part of the Mesoamerican rainforest, a corridor that stretches from Panama to Belize. Certified shade-grown coffee means that the farms are seamlessly integrated into the forest, creating a lively community of birds, monkeys, jaguars, butterflies, and more.

With each package sold, a portion of the proceeds benefits the mission, programs and conservation efforts of the American Birding Association.  By drinking shade-grown and bird friendly coffee every morning, you are supporting these farmers, the efforts of the ABA, and the countless birds they are protecting.

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