Song Bird Coffee – Guatemalan Light Roast


Vibrant • Cherries • Molasses

Lightly roasted to express the unique characteristics of this exceptional coffee: juicy ripe cherry sweetness, cacao nibs, and sugary molasses.


This coffee is shade-grown on steep volcanic slopes of the Northwestern Highlands of Guatemala by Maya Quiche coffee farmers. It is a gift from craft-inspired farmers whose ancestors have lived in these lush mountain forests for millennia.

The GUAYA’B Association is a cooperative of 292 small coffee farmers in the mountainous Guatemalan state of Huehuetenango. In the 1980’s, this indigenous Mayan community was ravaged by the Guatemalan civil war, and the area’s economy was destroyed. Many inhabitants lost their farms and migrated to the Guatemalan coast to search for work.

In 1992, a number of small-scale family farmers of the Maya-Popti indigenous group united to take control of the production and export of the coffee crops. By forming a cooperative, the “Asociacion GUAYA’B”, the farmers hoped to make coffee farming sustainable and profitable for the community.

“Rich aroma complicated by smoky semi-sweet chocolate and caramel. The cup is simple but satisfying: very sweet, deep, roundly roasty. The real glory of this coffee is an extraordinarily long, lushly vibrant, deeply chocolaty finish.” – The Coffee Review, November 2005

With each package sold, a portion of the proceeds benefits the mission, programs and conservation efforts of the American Birding Association.  By drinking shade-grown and bird friendly coffee every morning, you are supporting these farmers, the efforts of the ABA, and the countless birds they are protecting.


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