Songbird Coffee – Decaffeinated Medium Roast

Songbird Coffee – Decaffeinated Medium Roast


Rich • Nutty • Complex

Certified shade-grown coffee means that the farms are seamlessly integrated into the forest, creating a lively community of birds, monkeys, jaguars, butterflies, and more.

12 oz


Bird Friendly and Organic Decaffeinated coffee. Available in Whole Bean or Ground: auto drip, french press, espresso or percolator.

All of our decaf coffees are made using the Mountain Water Process. No chemical solvents are used in the decaffeination process, just clear and pure glacial water sourced from the highest mountain in Mexico, the Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltépetl.

With each package sold, a portion of the proceeds benefits the mission, programs and conservation efforts of the American Birding Association. By drinking shade-grown and bird friendly certified coffee every morning, you are supporting these farmers, the efforts of the ABA, and the countless birds they are protecting.

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In accordance with the bylaws of the American Birding Association, the Board of Directors has set the date for the next Annual Meeting of the Members of the Association for Saturday, September 22, 2018. Time and place are 4:00 PM, Saturday, September 22, 2018, at the American Birding Expo, to be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Ave, Oaks, PA 19456 

The official Notice of the Meeting and the Proxy will be distributed to members on or after July 24, 2018, but no later than September 12, 2018

Please click here for location, electronic proxy ballot and other details >>