Celebrate the Birds of the Evergreen State

Author: Dennis Paulson

Photographer: Brian E. Small

Washington is one of the premiere states for birds and birding. Its rugged coastline and expansive forests in the western portion, the towering Cascades, of the central region and the arid eastern valleys, combine to provide excellent and varied habitats for hundreds of types of birds year-round. Washington is home to three magnificent national parks providing some of the best natural wildlife viewing areas in North America. And there are over 100 parks throughout the state, including 19 marine parks and 11 historical parks. Over 350 beautiful color photographs, featuring 300 bird species in natural habitats; clear and concise identification, habitat, and birdsong text; tips on when and where to see species throughout the year; complete Washington bird checklist; detailed map and index, and more. Written by expert Washington birder Dennis Paulson and filled with gorgeous color images by Brian E. Small, the American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Washington is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to learn more about the natural history and diversity of the state’s birds and when and where to see them.

  • 350 beautiful color photographs featuring 300 bird species in natural habitats
  • Clear and concise introduction, identification, and habitat, and birdsong text
  • Tips on when and where to see species
  • Organized by type of bird from waterfowl to finches
  • Table of birding sites and habitats
  • Complete state bird checklist, detailed state map, index, and quick index
  • Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc.