Celebrate the Birds of the Buckeye State

Author: Ethan Kistler

Photographer: Brian E. Small

From the shores of Lake Erie in the north to the long and winding Ohio River of its eastern and southern border, Ohio provides amazingly diverse habitats for birds. The hilly Appalachian region of the east and south contain some of the most diverse woodlands in the United States. The northwest region known as the Great Black Swamp has many marshes and wetlands, and along the shore of Lake Erie sits one of the most famous birding sites in the world-the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. Known as the ‘warbler capital of the world,’ many thousands of birds stop along along their migration routes during the spring and fall. Ohio has many protected areas for birds including a national park, three national wildlife refuges, and over 3.5 million acres of IBAs (Important Bird Areas). The Buckeye State is one of the best places to see birds year-round in the U.S.A. From geese to grosbeaks, owls to warblers, grouse to waxwings, Ohio is truly a birder’s paradise.

  • 492 beautiful color photographs featuring 278 bird species in natural habitats
  • Clear and concise introduction, identification, and habitat, and birdsong text
  • Tips on when and where to see species
  • Organized by type of bird from waterfowl to finches
  • Table of birding sites and habitats
  • Complete state bird checklist, detailed state map, index, and quick index
  • Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc.