Artwork by ©️ Liz Clayton Fuller

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Poster details: Actual size 16 in x 20 in


For so many birders throughout the ABA Area, the sound of this familiar rattle call along rivers, lakes, and wetlands elicits the same excited gasp: “Belted Kingfisher!”

The ABA is following up its 2022 celebration of the beloved Burrowing Owl by honoring the Belted Kingfisher, Megaceryle alcyon, in 2023. Bold, resolute, and recognizable along much of the ABA Area’s shorelines, look for Belted Kingfisher content throughout the year in all the ABA’s media.

Artist, educator, birder, social media rockstar: The ABA is thrilled to have the extremely talented Liz Clayton Fuller depict the ABA’s 2023 Bird of the Year, the Belted Kingfisher! Her work, entitled “Queenfisher,” is an instant classic in the ABA’s Bird of the Year artwork series. Fuller’s jaw-dropping artwork stunningly captures the beauty of a female Belted Kingfisher enmeshed in the flora that surrounds her.