Duck Stamp – Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Availability: July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022

Why the ABA is selling the Federal Duck Stamp? The ABA continues to support the mission and conservation successes of the Federal Duck Stamp Program. By purchasing your Duck Stamp(s) through the ABA, you will be showing your support of bird conservation in our National Wildlife Refuge System and your voice as a birder will be heard! Remember, 98 cents of every duck stamp dollar goes directly to the purchasing of vital bird habitat! Tell your friends. Think of all the habitat we can buy for birds via this program! Birders are the best conservationists!

Duck Stamps purchased from the ABA have a pressure-sensitive (sticker-type) adhesive on the reverse side, and you will receive the duck stamp as part of the sheetlet shown in the product photo. The ABA does not sell just the stamp, it is always part of the sheetlet.

DISCLAIMER: The ABA is NOT responsible for replacing Ducks Stamps if they get lost in the mail if you pick the First Class Mail Large Envelope option to ship. We recommend you pay to ship your duck stamp by Priority Mail which includes tracking and carries up to $50 insurance in case of USPS losses.  Our shipping price does include a small handling fee to cover the cost of the credit card fees we pay to process the order.