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I took this photo in August and I am still waiting for this bird to turn its head. A turning of the head would certainly give us more with which to work to nail down an identification. However, features that I glean from the photo that might be important in discerning the bird’s ID include the large head with gray crown and nape, the black wings with at least a bit of white on them, the vaguely barred chest and even-more-vaguely barred flanks, the passerine foot structure, and the longish tail that seems to have quite a bit of white on it.

The various plumage features noted above rule out a lot of options. It’s certainly not a flycatcher, vireo, corvid, swallow, chickadee or titmouse, nuthatch, creeper, gnatcatcher, warbler of any sort, pipit, longspur, chat, waxwing, finch, blackbird, tanager/grosbeak/bunting/cardinal, or seedeater. Ergo, most of the ABA-Area passerines are eliminated from consideration.