This month’s quiz photo shares a particular feature with the photo that I used in the April 2019 quiz, and I selected this photo with malice aforethought. In fact, when I saw this bird perched on a power line above me, I specifically took this picture to use in this month’s quiz.

Many birders tend to ignore the critical feather tract so prominent in this photo and so important, but less prominent, in the quiz photo two months ago. The take-home message of this quiz (and the April 2019 quiz) is the same one that is front-and-center in most of my quizzes: Learn the field marks that aren’t usually noted in the field guides. That is, pay attention to all of the bird, not just those few characters highlighted in the field guides. One never knows when such a character could make it possible to identify a poorly seen bird, such as, perhaps, this month’s quiz bird perched in a tree such that this was all one could see of it.

What species is this?